Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

Tscott wrote:

Um, wow...

No kidding…

And those contract terms— *scowl*

I read the article you linked and wow, just wow. And the worst part is this is probably more of the norm for the industry, so similar stuff is likely happening with most of our favorite groups, we just aren’t aware of it.

Antichulius wrote:

I read the article you linked and wow, just wow. And the worst part is this is probably more of the norm for the industry, so similar stuff is likely happening with most of our favorite groups, we just aren’t aware of it. :(

Yeah, this is my fear. As much crap as the "big 3" companies get, at least their members seem to be doing well from their success. Hopefully this will expose some of the more shady sides of the contracts and stop others from making deals like this in the future.

And if you want to see how well the boycott was going, here's a chart comparing Flip That preorders to FreeSM ([0])'s preorders (freeSM was one of the songs announced on the comeback) at KTown4U. This is only one site but the difference in sales here is pretty remarkable.

K-pop fans don't like to have their favorites messed around with, that's pretty clear.

Tscott wrote:

LOONA stuff

Wow indeed. That's awful

Antichulius wrote:

I read the article you linked and wow, just wow. And the worst part is this is probably more of the norm for the industry, so similar stuff is likely happening with most of our favorite groups, we just aren’t aware of it. :(

For sure. I feel very lucky that my ult group seems to be one of the very few that's both well treated and well managed.

Hi! Sorry I missed Throwback Thursday this week; I've been battling a bit of a sinus thing and I just spaced it due to being hopped up on cold medicine. Umm, let's see ...*flips through notebook* AH! here we go. Check it out, this is neato. Kpop idols and good doggos! It's cute! Catch y'all next time.

This new 'Tap' single from Secret number is pretty good, but I just keep thinking about how Denise isn't there anymore every time I see this group so it's hard to get past that.

Also, the thing with BBC and LOONA and Chuu is so weird. Like, you can see both sides, but ultimately the harsh words Chuu was using were a result of the frustration caused by BBC's financial shenanigans, so I'm fine with this delay on their comeback (although the pics I've seen make it seem like it'll be right up my alley so I hope that BBC can get their sh*t together soon so they can be successful, although it seems like maybe that's no longer in the cards. Here's hoping).

Looks like former Secret Number member Denise has finally released her new English-language EP; here's the title track from it:

Denise Kim - Me Before You

All the tracks from the EP are up on that Youtube channel if you want to give them a listen, and the EP is available on iTunes (search for 'Denise Me Before You').

Also it's Throwback Thursday! Gonna go with a song from a group with a long and distinguished list of great hits, but my favorite has always been this one although I don't think it's anywhere near their most popular release. It's just a textbook example of amazing pop music composition (which I am always down for) and the video is fun as heck; great concept, colorful with bright SFX, and some fun mic stand choreo. Please enjoy.

SHINee - Dream Girl

Another year, another free SM concert. Much of the wind was taken out of their sails, because they said it started streaming at 9:00 (my local time), but started with an hour-long university-type lecture about saving the earth through re-forestation and positive attitudes. When the music finally started an hour and 10 minutes later, I was already kind done for the night.

Still some good performances were presented. Like this one that's got me wishing for more co-ed groups in K-pop.


Also, the super group, Girls On Top (the beat), returned with a new song. GOT the beat consists of BoA, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seulgi, Wendy, Karina, and Winter. This was the last song of the concert and I didn't stay up for it, but luckily they released the performance this morning.

GOT the beat 'Stamp On It' Stage Video

I've been trying to make a top 22 of 2022 list, but my playlist is stuck at 30 songs and I can't narrow it down further. So here's my top 30 songs of the past year (one song per artist)... I tried for some insightful comments for my top 10 and then any others I felt I wanted to add a little something.

1. KWON Eun Bi - Glitch

This was the year I became an Eun Bi stan. This song is the main reason. Pure perfection mixed in with IDM glitch music. I just wish there was a 8+ minute long version of this where when it glitches out in the end it continues on for several minutes as it completely deconstructs and reconstructs the music in some Sonic Youth or Stereolab sort of way.

2. Billlie - GingaMingaYo (the strange world)

If it wasn't apparent from me naming my puppy Billie and my signature being a link to this video ever since this came out, Billlie is quickly becoming one of my favorite groups in K-pop. They also released Ring Ma Bell (what a beautiful world) which easily could've gone here at number two as well. Absolutely love them and hope they keep on doing what they do.

3. Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm

More pop perfection from the queens of pop. Drawing on classical music and giving us a reason to learn some art history from the video.

4. (G)I-DLE - NXDE

This was a moment. Maybe a turning point? This song seems to defy K-pop conventions and still was a huge success. May (G)I-DLE continue to turn K-pop on its ear like this.

5. fromis_9 - DM

This is just one of those perfect pop songs that makes you want to listen to it again and again. Pure magic.

6. New Jeans - Attention

I was reluctant at first to check out New Jeans based on the ages of the members and lyrics many said were inappropriate for their ages. But, darn if they don't just put out some great music. And they seem to be leading a new movement in K-pop with laid back vibes and more grounded visuals. Their latest comeback, Ditto, is another masterpiece that further cements what they're doing.

7. Moon Byul - Lunatic

Fun, funky and quirky. Everything I love about my bias in Mamamoo is right here displayed in this song.

8. Taeyeon - INVU

Flawless title track of a flawless album. Beautiful and perfect.

9. Loona - Flip That

Ironic title now that the world of Loona has completely flipped. Leaving aside all the drama about Chuu's removal, other revelations about their company and the repercussions which have yet to fully resolve from that, this was a wonderful song, and a bit of a return to form after a series of harder hitting (but still great) singles. Let's hope the prophesy of the song comes true and Loona can journey into "the FREE" soon.

10. IVE - Love Dive

Another amazing rookie group that's released nothing but great hits one after another. Another great song that gets put on repeat on my playlists.

Hard hitting. See also their softer side with Beautiful Monster which could easily have also be slotted here.

12. aespa - Girls
This is one of those songs that every part just feels like the tension is building and rising and it doesn't let go until the end.

13. Girls Generation - Forever 1
Showing the world they still have it after 15 years in the business.

14. TWICE - Talk that Talk

15. Sunmi - Heart Burn

16. BVNDIT - Venom
One of many unfortunate disbandments this year, BVNDIT are gone but not forgotten. This was a powerful song, and maybe their best ever.

17. YENA - SMILEY (Feat. BIBI)
What would happen if we took cute and girl crush concepts and mashed them together to form a superhero? Yena is what would happen.

18. BLACKPINK - Shut Down

19. Secret Number - Tap

20. Seulgi - 28 Reasons

21. BIBI - Blade
...or Vengeance or Animal Farm (pick one)

22. ITZY - Sneakers
I don't know how well received this was with everyone else, but I loved this song's playfulness and the chorus is one that would play on repeat every time I put my sneakers on.

23. CSR - (Love)TiCON
A new group that has a classic vibe.

24. XG - Tippy Toes

25. EXID - Fire
Love seeing these 5 back together after so long.

26. Dreamcather - Maison

27. JAMIE - Pity Party

28. Chung Ha - Sparkling

29. HYOLYN - No Thanks

30. AleXa - Back in Vogue

Just NewJeans dropping another song with minimal promotions and breaking my brain.

NewJeans - OMG

Edited to add a couple performance videos released today. The second uses footage from the Ditto video shoot, as they were apparently dancing the the OMG choreography in those scenes:

OMG Performance video ver. 1

OMG Performance video ver. 2

Hi y'all and Happy New Year! In lieu of a Throwback this week I thought I'd take a bit of inspiration from Tscott and post my top songs from 2022 (minus the pictures - nice job on that, sir). I tried to mix up my picks so I wasn't just treading over the same ground (although a few repeats still snuck in). The top ten are ordered, followed by my long list of runner-up picks in no particular order.

1. Purple Kiss - memeM
I went back and forth on giving this the number one spot, but it just got it's hooks in me the more I listened to it. This. Group. Has. No. Bad. Songs! They should be huge. Hoping for more great things from them in 2023.

2. TRI.BE - In The Air (777)
I'm a big, big fan of this group now after their most recent comeback. KISS was really great, but I had to give it to this song, it's so fun to listen to and the video is just as fun to watch. I feel like this was a big stepping stone for the group.

3. Le Sserafim - Blue Flame
I feel like debut releases back in the day were usually kind of meh. Like, Red Velvet's 'Happiness' is not anywhere near their best song. These days, they're coming out swinging. Blue Flame is fire (pun intended).

4. Dreamcatcher - Vision
One of my favorite songs from this group came out last year, which is crazy because they have some amazing songs. I love a lot of their early releases, and kind of felt like they weren't hitting as hard after that. Still good songs, but nothing that really went as hard as Chase Me or Fly High. So when I heard this I was very happy. Keep 'em coming, ladies!

5. Billlie - RING ma Bell
Speaking of rocking hard - this song. Loved the concept, loved the song. New appreciation for Haruna with bleached hair.

6. MimiiRose - Rose
Another debut song that just eats it up. So happy for them, this song is amazing. A big release from a relatively small company. Hope they can convert this into some real staying power.

7. NewJeans - Attention
Not much to say here that hasn't already been said. Another debut that just exploded onto the charts, and they're not slowing down. You got my attention, girls.

8. KARA - When I Move
KARA came back! SNSD came back too and their song was great, but I love this song. I now want all the comebacks from 2nd gen. Give me SECRET, give me SISTAR, give me 4Minute. Hell, give me a SES comeback, I'll take it!

9. XG - Mascara
Talk about maximum swag; these girls are spitting fire and I can't wait for more.

10. BVNDIT - Venom
A great final release from BVNDIT, they went out swinging. I hope they can land on their feet, they deserved more.

-----the rest-----

What a debut! I was a bit put off at first by the big swings this song takes, but it grew on me quite a bit over time. Didn't care so much for Dice or Cool, so I'm hoping the next release is a banger to make up for it.

Rocket Punch - Chiquita
This song and FLASH are both very good, but I think I like this one a bit more. Almost snuck into the top ten.

aespa - Life's Too Short
Great song, great message. SM, give aespa better songs!

Alice - Dance On
The comeback Elris/Alice fans were waiting for, the song is a bop. Hopefully they gained some much needed traction and will be able to continue as a group going forward, they needed a shot in the arm.

Kep1er - MVSK
Great track; another case where the b-side pops harder than the single.

Aside from their recent Japanese release Poppy, this group has been a steady stream of bangers. Not much else to say, I'm a big fan of them.

Yet another debut track from a group that seems like it has a lot of potential. I heard a rumor that once Kep1er is done promoting at least one of the members in that group will be moved over to LIMELIGHT since they're originally signed to the same company; if that happens 2024 might be a big year for this group.

Bugaboo - POP
Had to include them; they didn't get enough time in the sun, especially since their singles were both worthy of attention.

Alexa - Back In Vogue
Clearly the push she got from the American Song Contest helped immensely; this song might be her best release since her debut.

Yein - Plus n Minus
A quiet and catchy release from former Lovelyz member Yein, this almost made my top ten but in the end my preferences towards more high energy bops kept it off. Still great though, check it out.

G-Idle - Tomboy
Y'all, when they busted out the 'f*!%' while performing this song LIVE at that awards show I busted up laughing. Worth a spot just for that, but the song rips too.

Red Velvet - Birthday
Great release by a top-tier group. 'Nuff said.

Yena - Smiley
You can't listen to this and be in a better mood afterward. Check out Smartphone as well, both are bops but Smiley is a bit better IMO.

Younha - Event Horizon
Wow, this song. So many covers! You can tell it has a lot of mindshare right now, and for good reason.

woo!ah! - Catch the Stars
This group needs more love, they're putting out some great stuff. Rollercoaster was also a bop, but after listening to both I had to give this one the spotlight.

Lightsum - Alive
Still a bit sore about the departures from this group, but the video for this song still has them in it so we can still celebrate that.

Adora - Magical Symphony
I discovered Adora recently, can't wait to see what's next. Lots of potential here, IMO.

Pixy - Villain
Mmm, I likey the dark concepts, so I had to include Pixy. It's a shame about their roster changes though. Don't know any details on that but hopefully it was amicable.

Cherry Bullet - Love in Space
Became a Cherry Bullet fan after Girls Planet 999; Bora almost made it into Kep1er, but I heard that the Cherry Bullet fanbase chose not to vote for her because they wanted a Cherry Bullet comeback with all the members more than they wanted her to win. Just wow. Not sure if it was the right move but either way they got their comeback.

Very nice list! I see a few songs I now want to go back and give another chance after seeing them on your list. And other songs I love that would have easily made my list if only there was room.

I'll submit a Throwback Thursday with two songs I'm sure have already been posted in this thread but they have notable anniversaries this week.

Girls Generation - I Got A Boy turned 10 on January 1st:


Momoland - BBoom BBoom turned 5 on January 3rd:

Two songs that will be forever iconic.

It's always fun reading the end of year lists. Thanks for posting. I'll try to post something similar soon.

Tscott wrote:

Girls Generation - I Got A Boy turned 10 on January 1st:

wtf this can't be right

*checks calendar*

Well, f*!%. That sure snuck up on me. I think I'm gonna go lie down now.


Ahhh, that was refreshing. Naps are sure are great.

While I was asleep, apparently a new video by H1-KEY dropped and it's...pretty good! Whoever is running the ship over there is on a clockwork 6-month schedule; their first single, 'Athletic Girl' was released Jan 5, 2022 and their second (titled 'Run') was on July 6. This newest song, 'Rose Blossom' is the title track off of their first mini-album and it was released exactly one year after their first song, on Jan 5. Maybe this is more common than I thought but the precision really struck me. Anyway, the song! It's nice! They're going for a very different concept from their previous releases, so it's fun to see a new side of them. Check it out:

H1-KEY - Rose Blossom

HUH YUNJIN is from LE SSERAFIM and wrote, sang and did the artwork used in this video which is a pretty powerful statement about idol life and the way women are treated in the media in general.


stan Yunjin, much respect.

After the end-of-year list, I was thinking about Event Horizon and all the covers I saw of that song afterward. It got me thinking about some of my other favorite covers over the years, so I'd like to feature a couple of those for Throwback Thursday this week. I picked two because the groups are performing each other's songs as special stages on the same episode of Music Bank. TWICE has been vocal about being big Oh! My Girl fans since pretty much their debut (especially Nayeon), so it was super fun to see them cover each other's songs. I hope you get as much of a kick out of them as I did.

we got a first-ish look at Haram, one of the members of YG's new girl group BABYMONSTER. Not sure how to feel; she can definitely sing but at 15 years old I have to reserve judgement with regards to their songs and videos. YG is not necessarily known for it's cute/age-appropriate concepts, although they do have AKMU as one of their groups so...I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Dreamcatcher have released an MV for the fans celebrating their 6th anniversary.

Dreamcatcher - Reason

A new two-member group just debuted yesterday called Primrose with an EP (four tracks) and two MVs. The songs they chose for their videos are pretty different in tone, but generally I think they're both good songs and the videos seem fairly high quality. The two members, Yeum and Ruby, are primarily focused on being vocalists; I didn't see them going too hard during the choreographed parts of the videos they released, which I suppose given the size of the group makes sense. Anyway, check 'em out!

Primrose - Primrose (self-titled)

Primrose - Play

I really like the vocals of Primrose. The videos are clearly limited by budget, but seem to do the best they can within that limitation.

I posted the solo song from YunJin above and have gone back and given LE SSERAFIM another look and they're starting to click with me. I don't think their song Impurities was posted here when it came out, so here it is now.

LE SSERAFIM - Impurities

GOT the beat - Stamp On It

YENA - Love War (Feat. BE'O)

Very different feel from Smiley and Smartphone, but I like it.

Haha, I just came in to post about the new Yena track. It's really a complete departure from her debut releases but still very good and catchy in it's own way. I really like it when artists don't feel like they have to hew too closely to a single style/concept. Hopefully this does well for her.

Also, we got a look at another member of YG's Babymonster group, and she has quite a bit of range:


Aaaaaaaand to round things out, we have a Cignature comeback. Unfortunately, I am not as excited about this one. This group is filled with talented members, some who've trained with other agencies like JYP, Blockberry, and Starship. I have no doubt they could be great. But the song is SO straight-down-the-middle and just doesn't do much for me. It feels incredibly safe in the least interesting way. I hope it finds it's audience, but I get the feeling after listening to it that this is not going to be the big comeback they are hoping for. Anyway, check it out, maybe you'll hear something I didn't.

cignature - Aurora

Ayyyy, its time once again for another #tbt! Feeling a bit wacky today, so we're going to throwback to 2012 with a track that is very of the era in the best ways. The references, the fashion, and the way the video is shot will really bring you right back, and it's SO high energy! I can just see this being played in the club and everyone going for it on the dance floor. Hope you get a kick out of it!

G-Dragon - Crayon

TWICE - Moonlight Sunrise

Pre-release English track


And this debut:

Definitely influenced by aespa and K/DA in style and with the virtual idols.

It's time, once again, for Throwback Thursday! #tbt and all that. We're going back to 2011, to a hyper-cute song from my favorite artist, IU. I was watching some concert of hers a few years back, and she announced at that time that it would be the last time she sings this song; she was no longer going to be doing performances of it anymore due to feeling like she had grown out of it. I'm not upset, though; it is immortalized forever on YouTube in all its SD glory! Please enjoy.

IU - Marshmallow

I once read that when she started auditioning, one of the places was JYP and the judge casually dismissed her. Years later Park Jin Young asked her who it was so he could fire them but she couldn't remember.

Momoland is disbanding. I’ll add links when I’m less sad.

Yeah I saw that too. More to the point, all six current members decided to not renew their contracts with MLD Entertainment. Hope to see them continue elsewhere, if that’s what they want to do.

It’s been a rough time for many of my favorites lately.

VIVIZ - Pull Up

Antichulius wrote:

Momoland is disbanding.

Sorry to hear that. Although, just because they are leaving the company, it doesn't mean they couldn't reform together under a different company if they wanted to. I have heard some stories recently of groups such as Dia and Laboum expressing an interest in reforming together in this fashion, either to continue with new music or do concerts and other promotions. Let's keep our fingers crossed; maybe this isn't quite the end for Momoland.

Speaking of Laboum; I don't believe they've been brought up on this thread too much before, so they are a perfect segue into this week's Throwback Thursday! This group debuted in 2014 and are probably best known for their 2016 release Shooting Love but they have quite a few good songs. So far my favorite song of theirs is the B-side from their 2018 release Between Us; it's a bit more mature sounding than the songs they are mostly known for but it's got some great synth and a pulsing beat. Please enjoy!

Laboum - Love Game