Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

MoonByul - C.I.T.T. (Cheese in the Trap)

MINSEO - #Self_Trip

Couple of fun new vids from PSY:

That That (ft. Suga of BTS):

Celeb (ft. Suzy of Miss A)

It's kind of crazy to think it's been almost 10 years since Gangnam Style.

Edit - One more: Now (ft. Hwasa)

A cover of the 1985 hit When the Rain Begins to Fall

Saw this on reddit and thought it was pretty amusing.

Experts Conclude That Tremors at SM Ent. Building Are From "Repetitive Group Movement"

Earlier in January, severe and continuous tremors at Acro Seoul Forest were reported at the fire department.


At the time, multiple employees of the companies witnessed tremors, water leaks in the ceiling, loud wind sounds, window cracks, and more.


AIK stated through a report, "The tremors are caused by SM Entertainment artists or trainees performing synchronized choreography, causing an unintended resonance effect throughout the building."

"Cuz, when we jumping and popping, we jopping."

Jackson Wang - Blow

All of Jackson's recent MVs have been so inventive.

Wow, I'm not sure, but there may be some hidden sexual meaning to the lyrics of that song. /s

Also, if anyone wasn't following the American Song Challenge (and I don't think anybody was), Alexa won the whole competition with her song Wonderland. I know I posted her first performance earlier, but it looks like they took it down for whatever reason. So here's a version that probably isn't going away anytime soon:

Only thing missing is the final fall backwards off a set of stairs which was apparently featured in all 3 of her performances of the song on the show.

And for good measure, here's her most recent (non-music-show-related) single that I don't think was ever posted here.

AleXa - Tattoo

It's quite a while since BVNDIT released their previous comeback, JUNGLE. Now exactly two years to the day, here's their newest.


The second half of June should prove to have some interesting releases. Starting today with BugABoo's 1st comeback, Pop.

Pixy - Villain

Another impressive comeback by Pixy.

LOONA - Flip That

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Yay! Loona’s back! Fun video and a catchy song, too. Feels like it’s been a long time for them.

Speaking of long time, I’ve had the feeling the past 4 months or so that I think Momoland is basically over. They’re not disbanding (yet), but it’s clear that the MLD agency has moved their attention elsewhere. They’re now several releases deep with their boy group T1419 and a couple singles into a duo group and just debuted a new girl group, Lapillus (video link). Way more money is going into these groups and their videos than Momoland ever had, especially when compared with their most recent solo single (Ready or Not, Nov 2020). Since then, Momoland has only done collab singles like Yummy Yummy Love (2022) and Wrap Me in Plastic (2021) and an OST.

They debuted in Nov 2016, so a typical 7 year contract would carry for another 18 months or so, and I think MLD is going to hold them to that but do very little with them except put them into a few multi-group concerts alongside their other groups and maybe release one more single (and any collaborations that come their way where the investment would be minimal or split for MLD). But I think Momoland’s days of mini albums and dreams of a full EP are basically over.

My best guess is that the social liability over Daisy’s lawsuit (that she won) and the effect of losing Daisy, Taeha, and Yeonwoo overall just hurt the agency’s willingness to invest in the group. And all the funding they’ve secured was to expand their available groups not to enhance Momoland. The remaining 6 members have done outstanding with what they’ve been given, even winning a show with Thumbs Up right after the formal restructuring of the group and a few other awards since. But they just haven’t been given that much in the past 2-1/2 years. And they’ve still been performing Bboom Bboom (2018) at nearly every concert (which I don’t see as a good sign for the future).

They’re still my main group, and the only group I truly follow. But I think the writing is on the wall, and it’s sad. But I’m also feeling ready for the members to move on to the next stage of their lives, whatever that may be. I think my biggest gripe is MLD holding their contracts but doing so little with them. Either give them work or let them move on. But instead, they’re keeping them for the trickle of money they can get from appearances in concerts, some hosting duties, maybe an OST, and their collaboration-appeal without needing to invest anything additional in them. That and Momoland is still the flagship of the agency, even if mostly ceremoniously of late, and that must have value to the agency even as it disappoints the fandom.

I knew the new group from MLD ent and Kep1ar were both releasing songs today too, but only had time this morning to check out Loona. I'm very happy with this release and the summery sound. After so many girl crush titles this is a welcome reversal. Not that I dislike the girl crush stuff, I just want more of this side of Loona too.

The album has a few other songs including Pose, originally performed on Queendom 2. Also Pale Blue Dot is very beautiful (ignore the camerawork).

I actually like the Lapillus MV, but I was wondering what it'd be like if Momoland had been given a song like this. They could've killed it too. It sucks they're being placed on the backburner. It seems similar to CLC's treatment. I don't quite understand how this works- just them being Momoland gets them noticed, and people do love to see a good comeback story (see how everyone loves Brave Girls now) so it'd make sense to me to keep promoting them until their contract is up at least. But I don't know the ins and outs of the industry, so there must be something I'm missing.

Just so it's in the thread here's the Lapillus MV:

Lapillus - HIT YA!

And the latest Kep1er:

Kep1er - Up!

Looks like LOONA is coming to KCON LA again this year Aug 19-21

They're also performing in Kansas City on their world tour - but Chuu wont be on tour because of scheduling.

Are you going to be able to go see them at any point? *fingers crossed for you*

Couple new releases this Thursday night:

From her new mini-album, I'm Nayeon, here's Nayeon (TWICE) with "Pop!"

Also Aespa just released an English language track "Life's Too Short" in advance of their next album, Girls, releasing in two weeks.

Another very summery single. This time from Fromis_9.

Fromis_9 - Stay This Way

This video makes me regret never learning any of the members of the group (although I've been listening to them since Love Bomb). So many of them stood out to me visually throughout this whole video.


B.I. X Chuu - Lullaby

Sunmi - Heart Burn

I like this turn for Sunmi.

XG - Mascara

I really liked their debut, Tippy Toes, and this one hits hard too (we'll see if this sticks with me as much as their debut). XG are interesting as they're all Japanese and so far their releases have all been in English, but they are promoting in the Kpop market.

A summary of (some of) this week's notable releases:

Aespa - Girls

Viviz - Loveade

Rothy - Changed Number

IRRIS - Wanna Know

IRRIS is a re-debut. They were formally known as REDSQUARE (I can imagine why they felt the need to move away from that name).

CHUNG HA - Sparkling

[track by YOON] Billlie - Patbingsu

Cover song/Collab with Mystic Story's CEO, Yoon Jong-shin.

ITZY - Sneakers

whispers: stayc girls, it's going down

STAYC - Beautiful Monster

HYOLYN - No Thanks

Yes, thanks!

Part of me wants to jam out to this, the other part can't stop laughing at the sheer audacity of making this song and video for a Shake Shack ad

Chung Ha did a remix for League of Legends new Star Guardian theme - Everything Goes On

Loco & Hwa Sa - Somebody!

Once again, I'm extremely far behind new releases these past few months. It seems like there has been a ton of great stuff coming out, so I hope to catch up on some of it soon. I've been displaced from my home since the beginning of April, so at least I have a pretty good excuse this time! Here's some of what I've been listening to lately that hasn't been linked yet:

WJSN - Last Sequence

Weeekly - Love (remake of a Brown Eyed Girls song)

Kang Daniel ft. Jessi - Don't Tell

Kard - Ring the Alarm

Good post. I haven't had a chance to check out the Loco, Hwasa collaboration yet today, but will soon. I've checked out some of the others you posted when they came out, but missed the Weeekly release.

I also have a good reason for being behind sometimes- I've got a new puppy that's been taking most of my attention when I'm not working. Luckily she doesn't mind K-pop so I often have it playing in the background when we are playing.

Her name is Billie, btw. I almost spelled it with 3 L's but didn't want to cause confusion at the vet.

I just realized I never posted this song by HeeJin (Loona):


Also, Purple Kiss apparently snuck in a comeback today.


Awwww, Billlie is a cutie. Congrats

I only just saw the news that Girls Generation is having a comeback on August 5th as a full group!

This will be their first full length album in 5 years. It looks like SM is taking this comeback seriously this time, as they're getting teasers and everything.

I know Tscott posted this a while back, but I only just checked out Solar's Honey, and I've been replaying it nonstop. It might be my favorite song so far this year. I've also been listening to LOONAs new album quite a bit.

After posting the new KARD video, I realized that I hadn't mentioned them at all in this thread previously. A quick search indicates that Antichulius mentioned them once, but I think that's it.

KARD was one of my favorite new groups when they started back in 2016. Their 3 pre-debut singles were all fantastic. Don't Recall is one of my favorite kpop songs, period. I lost track of them after they had a couple comebacks I didn't vibe with. It looks like they've released quite a bit since then, so I will have to check some of that out.

They're another one of those groups like Dreamcatcher and LOONA that has had far more success internationally than domestically. I'm always rooting for groups like that, plus I really enjoy the mixed male/female group dynamic. It gives them a unique sound.

Here are the 3 pre-debut songs I referenced:

Oh Nana

Don't Recall


Interesting news I just saw. I didn't really know GFRIEND but I did hear about their disbandment and was kinda surprised because they seemed like a really popular group at the time. Anywho, it turns out after they disbanded, their company applied to keep the trademark rights to the name GFRIEND. The Korean IP Office just told them to shove it and because of that all the members of the group can continue to officially use the name in ANY capacity, especially for promotion. That means any reunion can be under the name GFRIEND and not as individuals formerly associated with GFRIEND. I juts thought that was cool move in an industry that seems to regularly screw over the performers.

I'm very interested in checking out that Girls Generation comeback when it hits. I've only got a cursory knowledge of their discography- Gee, I've Got A Boy, Lion Heart and a couple others, but I also know some of the member's solo careers, so it'll be neat to see them back as a group.

Also, speaking of groups who haven't had a comeback in a while:


I was overhearing a conversation my wife was having with her mom this morning while I was eating breakfast in which she said someone was coming over at 2pm. Wanting to know if I needed to kennel the dog or something, I asked who was coming over. She replied "no, you idiot. It is going to rain at 2pm" (In Korean, when you want to say "it will rain", there is no "it". You have to say "rain is coming").

Without a beat, I replied "Cool. Is Kim Tae-hee coming too? I need to know how many plates to set".

Paleocon wrote:

Without a beat, I replied "Cool. Is Kim Tae-hee coming too? I need to know how many plates to set".