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Well, LOONA was supposed to be filming on a new season of QUEENDOM, but a couple days ago 3 of the members were reported to have tested positive for COVID- the rest were being tested, and they've just announced that 11 of the 12 members are currently testing positive for COVID- Hyunjin being the only one who's still testing negative.

So far this seems to only affect their appearance on the first episode of QUEENDOM. Hopefully all the members have mild symptoms and recover soon. They all were reported to have had at least their 2nd shot and many of them have had the 3rd booster too.

This news just happened to coincide with a solo cover song that Olivia Hye was releasing today, I'll Be Your Spring. So here's wishing for a speedy and healthy return to Spring.

Olivia Hye - I'll Be Your Spring

Cherry Bullet - Love in Space MV

Over 13 months since Love So Sweet was released, Cherry Bullet finally make another comeback. While it doesn't top the aforementioned song (that'd be almost impossible to do), I do like it a lot. It does have some interesting vocal quirks that some may love or hate though.

Weeekly have come back with a new look and a new sound. In fact, I never would have guessed it was them if I didn't know prior to watching this...

Weeekly - Ven para

Also Rolling Quartz have released a second video from their album 'Fighting!'

Rolling Quartz - Delight M/V

There's been a lot of really great recent releases that I have yet to share.

This one's been getting a lot of play this week:

ADORA - The Little Name

And I've had a rush of piano ballads join my playlist:

LeeZe - We Don't Love Anymore

Rothy - Believe

BIBI - Maybe if

Meanz - Floating

Urban Zakapa - I'll Never Know You

YongYong had a new release that reminded me how much I love their songs

Here are a few more that may or may not have been shared before

And Kik5o has some amazing new tracks. I hadn't heard of them before, but I really like these two

Did Rocking Doll's comeback get mentioned already?

One final mention-- all in English, but it's a moving song with amazing lyrics. I absolutely love this one

Hey - Sunset Apéro.

Jihyo from TWICE got her first solo OST for a show.


Brave Girls - Thank You

Jay Park ft. IU - GANADARA

Cute MV.

Tscott wrote:

Brave Girls - Thank You

Reading up on their interesting career, this seems like the perfect song for them.

Grenn wrote:

Reading up on their interesting career, this seems like the perfect song for them.

Yep. It's very much a song thanking their fans (and fate) that they're still around.

Solar - Honey MV

Now all four members of Mamamoo have released solo albums since their last release as a group. While I love all 4 solo, I'm hoping they band together soon with another Mamamoo comeback.

Here's Stray Kids doing what they do...

Stray Kids - MANIAC MV

And here's a debut song I was not aware was coming at all, but it's got my interest after the very first listen:

XG - Tippy Toes

Red Velvet are back with The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm EP. Six new songs including the incredible title track!

Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm MV

This post is going to be a little bit of a hodgepodge of topics.

First someone is trying to compile all of the art and music references from the Feel My Rhythm MV here. Most obviously it samples Bach's Air on the G String, and heavily references Bosch's painting "Garden of Earthly Delights" with the giant birds, large fruit, etc. but there are a bunch of other famous paintings also represented.

Speaking of making music based on art, Rolling Quartz have released another video from their album.

Rolling Quartz - Azalea

This is a cover of song recorded in 2003 by Maya, who adapted a famous Korean poem by Kim So-Wol.

Changing gears again, Itzy have released their first single in Japan:

Itzy - Voltage MV

And finally, kpop star Alexa is representing her home state of Oklahoma on NBC's American Song Contest (the current attempt to adapt Eurovision to US audiences)

Alexa - Wonderland

I know nothing else about the competition, but this performance was awesome and I hope this brings great things for her.

MIC SWG - E R A S E (feat. Dohanse, YongYong, Goopy)

Directly on the heels of "Feel My Rhythm" Red Velvet releases their next Japanese comeback, Wildside.

Red Velvet - 'WILDSIDE' MV

New single from MAJORS

MAJORS - Giddy up

MAJORS - Salute

Track list for Dreamcatcher's upcoming album:

I don't normally bother posting track lists here, but I think this is notable because it shows that all seven members are getting their own solo track on the album. All seven of them have writing credits for their own songs, and several also have arrangement and/or composition credits.

I'm very curious to see what kind of sound each member will go for.

Very nice. I had seen that they were promoting an upcoming comeback, but I hadn't taken time to look at the track list to notice that. Really looking forward to it.

Also... new Oh My Girl:

Oh My Girl - Real Love

And new Purple Kiss:

Purple Kiss - memeM

Younha - Event Horizon

A couple of new comebacks. Both instantly added to my playlist.

KWON EUN BI - Glitch

IVE - Love Dive

Loona's first performance on Queendom 2. Once again, I'm only getting bits and pieces of info from random things I see twitter, etc. but if what I've read is true, this was filmed the day after they all were cleared from Covid. I can see a bit of a lack of energy here, but they still pull off an amazing performance of (PTT) Paint the Town.

New Dreamcatcher comeback


Antichulius wrote:

New Dreamcatcher comeback

I'm not a big fan of how heavy they went on the CG for this video. This looks a little cheesy to me. I wonder if it was a budget issue because they've been good about blending CG with real world sets prior to this.

The song is already stuck in my head though. I suspect it could be a divisive title track with the way the chorus blends into the verse. Their title tracks typically have very punchy choruses. It's giving me big nu-metal vibes, like Evanescence/Linkin Park era, which I was all about at that time. Maybe that's why they went with the cheesy CG I'll check out the full album after work.

Agreed about the CG. I was watching it and just thinking about how they must have been all standing/dancing in a boring green room with nothing around. Not exactly what the aim should be in making an MV.

The song however is good, and I'm sure I'll get over my hangup about the MV eventually (or watch the dance practice/performance video instead, if those are released).

My thoughts on the CG were the same as both of yours. I don't remember ever feeling jarred by the CG in any other of their MVs, but this one really stuck out in a bad way. I even had the exact same thought of the empty green screen room during one of the dance segments that was particularly jarring.

I haven't dug into the rest of the album yet, but I'm eager to. I usually really like their B-sides.

Tscott wrote:

The song however is good, and I'm sure I'll get over my hangup about the MV eventually (or watch the dance practice/performance video instead, if those are released).

Save you a search, this popped up today

Here's Jessi at peak Jessi-ness.

Jessi - ZOOM MV

No link, but CL just reunited 2NE1 at the end of her 88rising set at Coachella! I couldn't believe it. They performed "I Am The Best" of course. Amazing to see all 4 of them together.

Edited to add:
BiBi also preformed earlier in the same 88rising set and debuted a new song, Best Lover. The video dropped shortly after the performance.

BiBi - Best Lover MV

Kwon Eun Bi - Glitch Performance with Bellygom

If you haven't seen Bellygom before it's a bear mascot that has pranked some Kpop groups like Billlie...

and also has a number of videos pranking random people on the street in various places in South Korea (turn on subtitles for the translation of the on screen commentary).

I've seen the street pranks, but didn't know s/he pranked Kpop groups.

Grenn wrote:

I've seen the street pranks, but didn't know s/he pranked Kpop groups.

Yeah, no huge groups yet. Billlie and Cherry Bullet are the two I’m most familiar with. They also did videos with and Lightsum and a few others.

Hyolyn absolutely killed this...