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Here's G(I-dle)'s latest. I like the video, I'm warming up to the song.

Same here. Well, I actually really like the song except for the rap break, which pains me to say a little because I love Soyeon's stuff so much normally.

This might help you understand what you didn't like about that section.

Yup, that does help. Disorienting is the perfect word for it. Very cool video.

In other news, BTS will be premiering their new single on SNL in April. Their quest for world domination is progressing as planned.

Mamamoo's new comeback just dropped.

I love the new song. I'm glad I had gone back and listened to their pre-2018 title tracks or this comeback would've been quite a shock to me. I'm loving the wilder more experimental side of Mamamoo.

In other news, I just had my first FAIL with an Amazon k-pop CD purchase. I ordered EXID's Eclipse Ep - the description said new and it shipped with Prime shipping and it even gave access to download the MP3s, but it when it arrived it was unsealed and the photocard was missing. It was through a third party seller, but I didn't even realize it when I placed my order. The good news is it was pretty easy to set up a return to get a refund.

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So, while waiting for Momoland's comeback next week, I've started more actively branching out. Red Velvet and Twice are the main ones I've found myself listening to and purchasing digital albums to add to my playlist. I'm steering more for the red side of Red Velvet, but I'm quite enjoying their songs. Of particular note, their Red Summer mini album is fantastic. Summer Magic has some good songs, but I feel it's more hit and miss for me.

Glad you're enjoying Red Velvet. I find it interesting that I can listen to them and have the thoughts "This song is unlike anything else they've done" and "This sounds like Red Velvet" at the same time. I've got most of their albums now and every one has at least one standout track that really surprised me.

In addition to the new Mamamoo song released today, Yuri from Red Velvet also released a solo song, Dear Diary. It's a lovely little ballad.

The "Station" series of songs is something to look into if want to see side projects and interesting non-album tracks.

I love this song Rebirth by Red Velvet:

And Wow Thing was big hit for Seulgi and crew last year:

I just pre-ordered Momoland's comeback from Choice Music LA! I don't think I've ever bought music I've not heard before. I've been this deep in the marketing machine of movies and games, but never for music. Kpop really is different for me, deeper somehow. And I'm probably in a place in life where I need something that resonates with me like this does, but that's a topic for another thread.

I'm actually a bit uneasy about Momoland's comeback, given the teaser photos-- They may be trying to darken up their sound a bit, but the brightness was part of what I really loved. I mean, that's also what I'm hooking into with Red Velvet's Red side and Twice. I can appreciate the harder and darker songs, but they don't resonate the same way. It could all be over nothing, and either way there's still the four other albums. Less than a week and I'll know for sure.

I hadn't seen any Momoland teaser photos so I googled them, and saw that they're promoting with only seven members instead of nine- Daisy and Taeha aren't with them because of health/personal reasons. Now I'm uneasy about the comeback. I loved Daisy rapping in Bboom Bboom.

I pre-ordered Mamamoo's new album from Choice Music LA since I had the successful experience with the Loona CDs. I haven't pre-ordered Momoland's yet. But there's a group debuting in a few days called Everglow that I'm curious about. If I like the debut song, I may order that CD and Momoland's at the same time.

Oh and I've been rewatching Mamamoo's "gogobebe" over and over last night, and I finally realized something neat. In the video they're going to apartment 99 and wind up in apartment 66 instead because the number's are flipped. And in the song they oddly sing "9 slash 6, 6.19, 9 slash 6". They're having fun with the English fonts if handwritten. gogobebe = 9o9o6e6e !!!

Daisy and Taeha missing is really a bummer. I think Taeha is quite underappreciated, but I agree about Daisy's rapping. No word yet if they're missing from the tracks/music videos entirely or just from the promotional material and performances. I'm guessing this decision is the reason the comeback promotion was revised and pushed back from what was originally leaked.

"gogobebe" - that is never something I would have caught. That's awesome.

Here's a couple of b-side choreographies that I love. Each for a vastly different reason.

Little less uneasy.

I'm going to hold off hearing anything from the new Momoland album until after the video is released. I'm wanting to go into it with no pre-conceived musical expectations.

Here's another debut group. Song came out today. I'm currently torn on this one. I kind of hate the na-na-na instrumental in it, and I'm also kind of drawn to it.

And here's an interesting kpop related sidenote. A few weeks ago my brother-in-law had someone he works with who lives in Korea come and visit. I got to spend a little time with him and his family and of course kpop came up. They were impressed with my knowledge. For example. they were most impressed that I knew how many members were in the group Seventeen (hint: it's not seventeen).


There are 13 members in Seventeen.

When Mamamoo was mentioned he told me about how Hwasa had gone on a TV show and ate gopchang (grilled pig or cow intestines) and made it look so good that gopchang restaurants were suddenly packed and selling out of food for several weeks all over South Korea.

This is that video:

I realized today that Taeha and Daisy missing from the comeback actually puts Momoland back to its original 7. Those 2 were added after the debut. I’m still bummed that they’re gone, and I find it odd that it would be those 2 of the 9. I hope it’s a hiatus for them and not a back-to-the-roots move.

Also, apparently there was some press on Daisy dating another idol, who then claimed it wasn’t dating—perhaps for contract reasons. I’d hate if that had something to do with her sitting out. Or getting benched.

I’d be far better if she and Taeha are opting to sit out rather than getting benched for reasons.

Oh, that food video just made me cringe nonstop. Not for the food, but for the noise. I have a very high sensitivity and annoyance level for eating sounds. And wherever that mic was placed picked it all up. Either that or their foley is way too good at the job. Like chalkboard nails, but worse, for me.

Seems like a lot of debuts lately. Or perhaps is the norm and I’m just more knowing about it. I agree, I’m not too sure on everglow. Some parts to like, but it wasn’t jiving for me.

Today's the day!

Spoilered my take:


I listened to this on my commute this morning without watching the video. It took a few plays to grow on me, but I've landed where I really like it. I dig the big swing band feel and the trumpet loop a lot. But the "I'm so Hot" refrain is a miss for me. I like everything else about the song except for the title lyric. I'm not sure if it's the dissonant way it's sung, or the scooping vocal on "Hot", or the overt sentiment that Momoland never played into before.

I watched the video after getting to work, and I must say I like the song better than the video. I've not rewatched it yet, so it may also grow on me, but on first watch the choreography parts felt weak and I couldn't help but wonder if they refilmed it recently after Daisy and Taeha sat out. Parts just felt like their hearts weren't into it. Baam and Bboom Bboom felt like they had fun with the filming, but I didn't feel that here. And the long moments of just bouncing finger-guns in the air felt so flat. Of course, I may be over thinking it on first watch.

As for the rap break, I knew JooE would take it, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Hyebin join. In fact, I loved that choice. Hyebin has really grown on me and I think she kills it in this song and the video. After the rap break, I think Ahin absoultely nails the swing era vocal feel. Overall, I really like the song. Can't wait to get the rest of the album.

I've watched I'm So Hot a few times now and overall, I'm giving it a thumbs up. Would've liked a more inspired choreography, and more times when the vocals really shined. Is that Jane singing at 1:55? Give me more of that. I think it'll grow on me as I listen more.

If you’re talking 1:55 as in the main verse while they’re walking around the corner, that’s the Ahin part I mentioned. Absolutely loved it. Just before that I’m not sure, but the color coded lyric video says it’s Nancy. I know Jane is singing at 0:40-0:47, and she’s great there.

I will add after a day of I’m so Hot and the rest of the album, I don’t think I’m so Hot has the staying power of Baam or Bboom Bboom. It's earwormy for sure, but it’s also easy to get sick of; that trumpet riff that’s basically the same throughout the whole song is sticky, but that quickly can lead to burnout.

The rest of the album is decent, nice to good all around, but no standouts yet. I think Holiday would be my initial pick though.

Ah, sorry. Yeah I was talking about Nancy (for some reason I remembered she had an English name but couldn't remember which one). But Jane and Ahin had more of the vocal stuff I liked too.

Oh yeah, Nancy gets a lot of amazing vocal parts. Her and Yeonwoo seem to be the most main vocalists, and Nancy has a particularly pretty vocal quality. Jane was actually one of the last members I could identify. Her and Nayun blended for me for some reason. It's only this comeback that differentiated them enough for me, even though Nayun had bright red hair at one point. But Jane's part really stuck out to me this time around; I've under appreciated her voice, for sure.

I'm happy with this comeback, though I'm guessing in time the album overall will fall in the bottom 2 or 3 of the 5 so far. Tomorrow I'm going to watch their showcase and hope the choreography for I'm so Hot is better when seen in its entirety, but I'm not holding my breath. Though my obsession with the hype of my first ever Kpop comeback can probably calm enough now to return the thread back to general Kpop discussion. Thanks for indulging.