Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

It's an older one, but I quite like it

Sunmi - Tail

I think I said something a while back in this thread about how I consider Sunmi to be an "artist". She fits this title the most of all the Kpop performers I can think of. Her songs, chorography, and videos are expertly crafted and always thought provoking. I love the visuals of using the dancers legs for her tails, and then her own leg for a tail at the end. Some people online have said this seems like a update of "24 Hours", I've thought this might be what happens when she catches up to the man who jilted her in "Gashina". I also wonder if her and Chungha got together and challenged each other to see who could come up with the most bad-ass song.

Things have been a little busy lately (both in life and in Kpop).

Just a few weeks after announcing they left the company Got7 came back with Encore:

Also back for the first time since 2018 is SHINee

And bad but not that surprising news, two of the remaining four members of Berrygood have announced their contracts have ended and they will no longer be with their company.

And finally, I don't know if anyone else has been following the bullying controversy that's been affecting Kpop over the past couple days. As I understand it, it started with two sisters who are volleyball players being outed for school bullying and they admitted to it, apologized but were removed from their team. Bullying seems to have a severe reaction in South Korea, that's possibly unforgivable- similar to the reaction to drug use allegations.

After the volleyball players were outed this led to many other Korean celebrities being "outed" as bullies in middle school/high school. Some of them include Soojin and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE and Chuu (of all people!!!!!!!!) and Hyunjin of LOONA. The accusations of the two LOONA members have both been retracted, but their company, Blockberry Creative, is still perusing legal action against those who spread the rumors.

Everything still pretty up in the air with a lot of the other accusations with most of the companies the idols are working for threating legal action as well and denying the rumors. But in South Korea a lot of damage has been done to many of these groups.