Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

It's an older one, but I quite like it

Sunmi - Tail

I think I said something a while back in this thread about how I consider Sunmi to be an "artist". She fits this title the most of all the Kpop performers I can think of. Her songs, chorography, and videos are expertly crafted and always thought provoking. I love the visuals of using the dancers legs for her tails, and then her own leg for a tail at the end. Some people online have said this seems like a update of "24 Hours", I've thought this might be what happens when she catches up to the man who jilted her in "Gashina". I also wonder if her and Chungha got together and challenged each other to see who could come up with the most bad-ass song.

Things have been a little busy lately (both in life and in Kpop).

Just a few weeks after announcing they left the company Got7 came back with Encore:

Also back for the first time since 2018 is SHINee

And bad but not that surprising news, two of the remaining four members of Berrygood have announced their contracts have ended and they will no longer be with their company.

And finally, I don't know if anyone else has been following the bullying controversy that's been affecting Kpop over the past couple days. As I understand it, it started with two sisters who are volleyball players being outed for school bullying and they admitted to it, apologized but were removed from their team. Bullying seems to have a severe reaction in South Korea, that's possibly unforgivable- similar to the reaction to drug use allegations.

After the volleyball players were outed this led to many other Korean celebrities being "outed" as bullies in middle school/high school. Some of them include Soojin and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE and Chuu (of all people!!!!!!!!) and Hyunjin of LOONA. The accusations of the two LOONA members have both been retracted, but their company, Blockberry Creative, is still perusing legal action against those who spread the rumors.

Everything still pretty up in the air with a lot of the other accusations with most of the companies the idols are working for threating legal action as well and denying the rumors. But in South Korea a lot of damage has been done to many of these groups.

Rolling Quartz covers Good Night by Dreamcatcher

New debut group MAJORS


Spit it Out

IZ - Say Yes

Here's something I almost missed. A week or so ago the group Brave Girls just had their 2017 song "Rollin'" charting on all the music charts in South Korea, and it reached #1 on one of those charts.

The reason is a fan video went virial that compiled footage of their performances for the military along with youtube comments from the enlisted who saw them perform. The enthusiastic reactions of the crowd clearly helped make it go viral. Now they're starting to make appearances to talk about the unexpected resurgence of their 4 year old song and fans are comparing this to Hani's fancam that saved EXID and hoping the group can make something from this.

Here's the virial video in question. (Turn on English captions if you want to read the comments)

Tscott wrote:

Here's something I almost missed. A week or so ago the group Brave Girls just had their 2017 song "Rollin'" charting on all the music charts in South Korea, and it reached #1 on one of those charts.

And here's the resulting Perfect All-Kill:

A perfect all-kill is when a song gets number one on all eight South Korean digital charts, such as MelOn, Genie, and Bugs. What a refreshing story after the whole bullying fiasco.

I started digging into their discography a bit after Rollin' started blowing up a few weeks ago. I should have done so last year, since We Ride was one of my favorite 2020 songs.

ROSÉ - 'On The Ground'

Dreamcatcher - Poison Love: Self Made MV, K-drama style, featuring Handong's harem adventures

Purple Kiss - Ponzona

Super Junior - House Party

To anyone not wearing their mask and social distancing, Super Junior would like to have a word with you.

And Chung Ha can do it all; Korean, English and Spanish.

CHUNG HA X Guaynaa 'Demente (Spanish Ver)'

I hope no one gets whiplash if I post these two new releases together...

Weeekly - After School

Jessi - What Type of X

Lots of hits for me lately. I'm really enjoying Ponzona and both new releases from today, or rather all three new releases from today. This debut gives me major NCT Superhuman vibes.

Mirae - Killa

A few songs that are deserving some attention:

Sorn (of CLC) - Run

Seori - Lovers in the Night

And finally, Azer is apparently a college project from a program that's trying to provide an alternative to the typical idol trainee process (source). And it's really well done.

Azer - Elegante

She also released a new full length album.

So nice, let's post her twice.

Azer - Elegante opening was so familiar. I finally figured it out...

I’ll have to listen more to see if how much of the backing track is similar with different front line melodies. Hard to tell with some of the other layers Elegante added.

To be clear, no accusation here. I’m sure it’s the case of using the same sampling track from a library or something like that, and Elegante added a lot more layers.

It was just eating at my brain until I figured out the other song.

It seems crazy to me that this only has 54k views after half a day.

Edit: Missed this yesterday:

Did y'all want some solo songs? Because, here you go...

Wendy - Like Water

Her solo mini-album is out now too.

Park Bom - Do Re Mi Fa Sol (feat. Changmo)

ROSÉ - 'Gone' M/V

her b-side to On the Ground

I see your three female solos and raise you three male solos.

DPR IAN - Scaredy Cat

Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) - Spider

Baekhyun (EXO) - Bambi

In Korean, 'bam' means night and 'bi' means rain, so it is not a sensual song about a cartoon deer

And one more female solo artist I've been enjoying for good measure, Kim Se Jeong - Warning (ft. IllBoi)

Wheein of Mamamoo is releasing a solo album next week. I've enjoyed her solo output the most out of all the Mamamoo members so far, so I'm looking forward to that.

IU - My Sea

RttK Reaction

Whee In - Water Color

Nice. Looks like her EP has 6 songs. I'll be checking that out this week.

SHINee - Atlantis

And in a weird surprise, my favorite SuperM MV so far is a CF for life insurance

MAJORS - Rain on me

MAJORS - Dancing in the starlit night

Apink - Thank you (10th Anniversary Single)


This song has been out a couple weeks but it didn't hit me immediately. It's definitely grown on me since my initial listen.

New Twice Japanese single:

And a new track from BIBI:

I'm not sure why the video is so short, but here's a special clip of a full performance.

BiBi released a 5 song EP today, called Life Is a Bi..., but it's so short- every song is about 2 and a half minutes or less. Bad Sad And Mad is one of the longest at 2:34. I do wonder if there is some censoring that went on with the BSAM MV that made it so short, because the vid and the lyrics are pretty NSFW.

I really like that Twice release. Hope it's on iTunes when I go look. Too often, I can't seem to find Japanese releases to purchase.

Here's another I liked, from debuting group, HOT ISSUE