Kpop music thread. Stan talent, Stan-all.

Two debut songs out today.

REDSQUARE - Colorfull

I'm kind of impressed they did a debut video with no face reveals.

Secret Number- Who Dis?

Day 61

Well, it looks very much like the lockdown lull from some of the large groups is about to end.

Upcoming Comebacks:

Twice - June 1
WJSN - June 9
IZ*ONE - June 15
Blackpink - June (no date)

And the recently announced:

Momoland x Pororo - Tiki Taka on May 28th

KCON Replay 2018-2019 72 hour livestream

EDIT: As of 10:30 MDT, they're showcasing KCON LA 2018. What a year! Chung Ha, Twice, Dream Catcher, Momoland, Super Junior, Golden Child, Wanna One.

EDIT: Ended

Momoland x Pororo - Tiki Taka

Jung Jin Woo - Dive (Mystic Pop-up Bar OST)

Minzy - Lovely

Moonbyul - Absence

Antichulius wrote:

Minzy - Lovely

The members of 2NE1 continue to impress me as solo artists.

I really need to delve deeper into 2NE1’s work. Currently I only have I Am the Best, Ugly, and Come Back Home on my playlist.

TWICE - More & More

Is this the song that's going to turn me into a ONCE?... maybe...

With Woollim - Relay

Looks like members (or maybe entire groups) of: Lovelyz, Golden Child, RocketPunch, and more

There were rumors a few weeks ago that I figured were just Tiki Taka, but now this:

Momoland "Special Album" Starry Night - 6/11

Twitter Announcement and teaser schedule

Momoland - Starry Night

That was a lot more... low key(?)... than what I was expecting from the teaser photos.

It took me a few listens to come around on it, but I like it. I think the album version is a different mix that blends the instrumental and vocals more evenly and I'm thinking that it works better for this song (or else they're the same I'm just hearing things).

Momoland has said they're not promoting Starry Night, and it's not an official comeback. So, there's a lot less production budget for the video. I actually think it was originally meant as a b-side on a Thumbs Up mini-album. The teaser photos actually set the scene.

They were taken back in November, based on hair color and styles of the members, likely just before the announcement of some members officially leaving Momoland. I think Starry Night was meant to be part of the album that saw the entire group together again before those plans fell apart. It needed time to be reworked, so they went with the solo release of Thumbs Up as the neo-debut of the reorganized group, and saved the Korean versions of Chiri Chiri and Pinky Love to go with Starry Night. Then all that got delayed due to the virus. All of this is speculation on my part, but it lines up with other theories I personally have about 2019 Momoland.

Of other interesting note, Starry Night lyrics were written (or heavily influenced) by the members and meant as a gift to Merries, and Nancy is actually credited as a Lyricist on the English version of the song. I think Twice did something similar last year with one of their songs, written for Onces.

I like the song a lot for those personal-to-fans reasons, though it was very different from what I expected. I was thinking it was going to be more a ballad. But like you, it's grown on me with repeat listens.

Some recent releases:

WJSN - Butterfly

DIA - Hug U

Swan - i like u

I don't think this ever got posted here, but Yubin's yaya (Me Time) has been helping me keep my spirits up lately.

I've been combining this with Taeyeon's Happy for a double dose of smiles.

New release:
Nature - Girls

IU - Into the I-LAND

Looks like the opening theme of a new reality competition. But it’s such a good song. IU is so good!

Plus some new comebacks, both quite good

Weki Meki - OOPSY

IZ*ONE - Secret Story of the Swan

NATURE - Girls (Uncensored Ver.)

With more mangled teddy bears, bloody dresses/hands and sharp objects near the face.

So, the English lyrics aren't up yet, so I really don't know what they are singing about, but something tells me it may have been inspired by KPOP 2019.

BLACKPINK - How You Like That

3 new releases today I've been looking forward to

Hwasa - Maria

Sunmi -- pporappippam

3YE - Yessir

And one new release that I didn't even know was a thing. Apparently there's a new sister group to TWICE and ITZY: NiziU.

This is their pre-release song which features a cameo from JYP himself, and some callouts to a few TWICE and ITZY songs.

Another debut from yesterday. I heard a little bit about this group on twitter. Apparently at least one member is a big fan of LOONA, so I'll support them for just that. But the song is pretty fun too.

Also, I know I tend to focus mostly on girl groups here. What are some good songs by boy groups from the first half of 2020 that I should know about?

The production and editing on some of these songs are insane!

I am amazed that my old folky, grateful dead, dylan, acoustic guitar loving brain found some really cool things here that I would never have known about.

mortalgroove wrote:

The production and editing on some of these songs are insane!

I am amazed that my old folky, grateful dead, dylan, acoustic guitar loving brain found some really cool things here that I would never have known about.

Glad you’ve found something to enjoy. Anything sticking out as a favorite? We can offer suggestions for more.

Chung Ha - Play

Also the Red Velvet subunit, Irene & Seulgi - Monster, is out everywhere (Itunes, Spotify, etc.) but the MV for Monster is delayed. Originally supposed to be out at 6PM KST, then 8PM, now there's no time for the release. Rumors are flying about why the delay, but really this is just odd- especially considering that the album release was already delayed by a couple weeks.

Thank you tscott. Nothing in particular, I am just taking my time going back through older posts.

Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI 'Monster'

18 hours late, but Monster has finally arrived.