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Day 42 a bit early

Maybe you've seen this meme online in the past few days?

But did you know that those legs are Blackpink's Lisa's legs?

It's a shame that this is the most attention Blackpink has gotten in a while. Stupid YG. April 2019 had Kill This Love and their Coachella appearance and I was prepared to say they were going to take over the world. Since then - nothing.

Itzy debuted at the start of 2019 and they currently have as many songs released as Blackpink has put out since 2016.

Tscott wrote:

Itzy debuted at the start of 2019 and they currently have as many songs released as Blackpink has put out since 2016.

Given their popularity, that seems insane.

Formerly known as Yeeun in Wonder Girls, she took the name Ha:tfelt as a soloist which combines the words Hot and Heartfelt. I first heard her last year when she released Happy Now, featuring MoonByul.

She has a new full album called 1719 and has been releasing several music videos for it (I think five videos so far). Here's a couple of my favorites.

Sweet Sensation


Life Sucks

Day 43

Day 44

Day 45

New single by Taeyeon. Happy.

Day 46

Day 47

New song by IU. Eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

Really like that new IU song. Haven't bought it yet, but planning to.

Day 48

Day 49

Here's a pleasant surprise I found this morning. Kpop band with a violinist. I've always been a fan of violin, so I'm loving this.

Day 50

Day 51

I just found out that 3 years ago Solar from Mamamoo, Hani from EXID and Luna from f(x) did a collab together. Here's Honey Bee

Not to sound like a teenager, but how much bias can one video have?

Day6 - Zombie

Powerful song. Hits a bit harder now with the fact that yesterday it was announced that Day6 will be ceasing all activities and promotions for this comeback so that several members can focus on their mental health because of feelings of anxiety.

Day 52 delayed

Day 53

Kim YoungChul just cracks me up. And as a bonus, here's a quite funny Knowing Bros clip of the song (with Momoland!).

New comeback from BVNDIT, Jungle.

Day 54

Day 55

First new content from Wendy since her accident in December. It's a OST, and she's not seen in the video, but I'll take it.

Also Loona appeared on Immortal Songs last night. Kim Lip and Olivia Hye had personal obligations so there was only nine of them on stage, but they were so good.

Kpop singer is so beautiful. I love them

Day 59 - after a timey-wimey, day-eating vortex

I liked that LOONA performance and cover. I think I liked theirs better than the original I found

This released today. How many do you recognize? I didn’t count, but it was maybe a dozen I knew.

Day 60

Oh My Girl has really been growing on me lately. Both the new release and the older stuff I'm hearing for the first time.