Image Fuzzy After Sleep Mode

So I have two monitors setup, and I have had the comp setup for years to put the monitors to sleep after about 25 minutes of inactivity, and when I am done for the day I just turn them off. It's worked great, like I said for years.

Recently, possibly after the most recent big windows 10 update, when the monitors come out of sleep mode sometimes my main monitor comes back fuzzy, the second one seems fine. But on the main monitor It's like the whole desktop, icons and all, has shifted slightly and I can see both the regular image and shifted image at the same time. The best way I can describe it is like double vision or something. Turning the monitor off and on doesn't help, if I try to change resolution both monitors go black. If I restart the computer everything is fine. The next time this happens I am going to try and log in and out again and see if that makes a difference.

I have tried reinstalling the video card drivers fresh. I tried a couple of windows integrity scans using the command prompt box in admin mode. But they come back good.

Anyone encounter this issue before? I am hoping this is just a random bug that the apparently sh*tty fall creators update has introduced and it will be fixed soon along with all the other issues this update has introduced. But maybe it's something else?

Ghosting like that is usually an interference problem. Have you gotten any new devices recently which could be interfering?

- Check to see if the cable going to that monitor is close to something which might cause interference. Move it around and see if the image clears up/changes.
- Unplug anything nearby to see if the image goes back to normal. Modems, printers, and other electronics can be the source of interference.
- Swap cables with the other monitor. Does it change? It could possibly be the cable itself.

Hopefully a combination of those will point to the source and you can clear it up. If it's the monitor itself, I'm not sure if there's a reasonable way to fix that.