Atlas: Pirate Survival MMO Catch-all

lacenor wrote:

It is in my library and I have an install button, but it tells me that the purchase is still processing when I click it.

I had to goto support/cancel my order and then buy again. Installing now and waiting for servers to come on line

Yeah, that seems to be the recommendation...

I finally have it in my inventory and downloading, but it took a friend gifting it to me to get it there. Sheesh.

28 minutes left on the download here ...

1hour 17 mins Even if I stay up until the download finishes, the server might not even be up by then

Servers up...

Starting on NA PVE


was kicked out and now can't join anything. So if someone gets in let us know where.

Finally finished downloading. All 4 options are 'throttling for a better experience'. Time for bed for me, catch you guys tomorrow

I think I'm going to wait until after Christmas to play this game! Definitely looks like a hot mess atm.

I still have about 4 hours left on my download.

Downloaded quick for me but I keep getting errors trying to log in. Probably just going to wait a few days.

Downloaded, started up, Picked NA PVE - The Hydra's Den. Now there are multiple zones we can choose to start. Looks like a grid start with A through P going East to West and 1 through 13 North to South. Right now we're on E4.

I'm trying to join M9 on "The Hydra's Den" as well.

I'm actually surprised this game is not PVP only.

I just checked Twitch and most of the streams have pics of either the server select screen or are obviously a different game with subtitles like “waiting for atlas server.”

So it looked like they were dropping people till they were all gone. I just came back and all servers are now empty.

There's a message which i find interesting. If you notice the message and the build indicator for the servers are 2.1


Our client is listed as being 2.0.

So until there's another update no one is getting in.

New patch and was able to join.

I picked E4 it had the lowest player count available at the time

Still getting the connection errors.

Got on played for like 45 min and it's really laggy. Unless you really can't wait would suggest giving at least a day.

I made a new Company and called it GWJ Company. I'm out in the middle of the ocean somewhere south of E4 atm though lol.

Another update, were at 4.0 now, and after two freezes and another connection fail I finally managed to get in.

Well I'm glad I missed all of this. I might get to login this evening.


omni wrote:


I'll just play some rounds of Insurgency in the mean time. Plenty of good games these days. I love a good pirate game but I can be patient. It's Early Access so my expectations approach zero, so sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and sometimes not.

Well, I wouldn't get higher than 8fps on EU servers. Switching to NA I managed to get 16 fps, and after A LOT of rubber banding back 10 ft after running 11 ft, I managed to make it out of town enough that I stopped rubber banding. There's still a lag of 3-4 seconds between clicking the mouse and punching a tree for the most part.

Getting further away from the starter town, I managed to rocket up to about 30 fps, but everything is still very laggy as far as controls are concerned. I have now managed to finally craft the usual stone pick and axe, and also a spear, although the only thing I've managed to hit with it due to lag was a rabbit that was stuck on a branch.

Not sure if this gets any better further away from starter island?

Can't wait for things to start smoothing out though, gonna have fun with this one I think, I'm just not sure if anyone's really going to be missing out by waiting until the new year.

I had no rubber banding or lag issues in the Lawless regions. They are much tougher though. I am getting killed often by lions and wolves.

I am having some lag, rubber-banding this morning in the Lawless region.

I'm on Hydras Den at E4 also. Ark 2.0.

I was able to finally die and spawn at E4.

Rubberbanding is an issue on all starter islands, but it does get better the farther away you get from them.

Official Server Maintenance: 1:30 PM EST

The Official Server network will go offline/enter a debug state for 3 - 4 hours of maintenance while we work on resolving connection, stability, performance issues. We will update you with more info as necessary.

Is there a trick to finding flint? After picking up and punching out around 150 stones, I still haven't found any flint.

absurddoctor wrote:

Is there a trick to finding flint? After picking up and punching out around 150 stones, I still haven't found any flint.

pickax on stone only