White Elephant gift suggestions?

I'm guessing some of you, like me are headed to holiday parties soon. For my company we've had a fun white elephant gift exchange for a number of years.

I think I may have gotten the idea for my gift last year from GWJ.
(The excellent Die Hard Coloring book)

With that in mind and because maybe others would be interested, what are some ideas for this year?
Let's say a price max of $25.

There's a Die Hard coloring book? *heads to Amazon*

Yes there is and it is surprisingly great

Are you going for gag gifts or non-gag (or a mix)? I gave an Anker Astro last year and it ended up being the most popular item. I could use some recommendations for this year's gift as well.

These are a few of the gifts that my wife and I are bringing to our party this year.

Spider-Man Chia - I actually want to keep this one...

Novelty Coffee Mug

Drink Markers

Hoop Hat

If you want to keep your theme going....

Christmas Book

Phades - thank you. I had no idea.

For our exchange in particular we usually give some nice gifts separately so the white elephant is meant to be funny or just interesting.

Other gifts from past years that I remember off the top of my head have included:
- Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter
- Lots of beer. Always lots of beer.
- An emoji poo pillow which was weirdly popular
- Justin Bieber Electronic Toothbrush
- Board games
- Hand knitted hats
- Han and Leia matching towels

It's kind of across the board for us


How about this for the stressful time of year:

Coloring book

Scratch-off lottery tickets are always popular at my work parties.

A snuggie is always a good option. Super goofy, and yet I actually did wind up using the one I wound up with. I used to sit directly underneath an AC vent, and it wound up being super comfy to wear the snuggie.

I have a horrible, horrible suggestion:

NSFW: https://twitter.com/Lubchansky/statu...