Games That Ruined Other Games For You

With the progression of gaming and the systems that compose them, it is bound to happen: a game will come out that will do something so different and better than the games before it and it will ruin the rest for you. You won't be able to play those old games anymore without directly comparing them. The new approach is just too good. It becomes natural to you and anything else feels alien and ridiculous.

Has anyone else experienced this and what did you experience it with?

For my part, I recently started playing "For Honor," and while it has issues, its combat system is really good. Ignoring any issues of balance, the conception of it and execution is just fantastic and I desperately want the systems it has in every other 3rd person melee-based game. I tried to pick up Dark Souls II after playing it and it just felt WRONG.

I bet I am not alone in saying "The Witcher 3"

Everything about it makes other open world RPGs feel lack luster and dull by comparison.

I cared far more about getting a woman her frying pan in W3 than anything I have done in AC:Oddessy

BotW and Witcher 3 make all other open world games seem kind of lame by comparison. Even RDR 2, technical achievements aside, didn’t rope me in (heh) because I had played those two games.

Also, VR has ruined space sims and shooters for me. Onward or Elite Dangerous in VR are so compelling that playing flat seems like such a massive downgrade that I lose interest almost immediately.

Shadow of Mordor. The traversal. The combat. The stealth. The polish on these mechanics. The fluidity with which one flowed into the other. This played a key role in my disappointment and friction with The Witcher 3 as a gameplay experience, which by comparison may as well have been pulling teeth. Sluggish combat. Limited, unreliable traversal. Great writing. Good voice acting. Intriguing world. As a book or a television show I'd be all in. As an interactive experience, I have as of yet failed to stay the course with its subpar game qualities.

My early, and prolonged, experiences with games were very much gameplay orientated. How they felt to interact with. Platformers. Roguelikes. Metroidvanias. Dungeon Crawlers. Strategy. It was only later that I came to see games as a medium for stories, and immersive journeys. (Thanks to Baldur's Gate! Deus Ex! Metal Gear Solid!) I love the latter, but without a certain standard in the former I fall off.

Breath of the Wild has also raised the bar in many ways. It shattered my ability to continue with Horizon Zero Dawn.

I tried playing Skyrim for the first time a few months after finishing Witcher 3 and, yeah, it was not pretty. Unless Bethesda ups their game in the future, their RPG’s are ruined for me.

farley3k wrote:

I bet I am not alone in saying "The Witcher 3"

Everything about it makes other open world RPGs feel lack luster and dull by comparison.

I cared far more about getting a woman her frying pan in W3 than anything I have done in AC:Oddessy

Almost word-for-word what I thought of when I saw the thread title (except I'm still on AC:Origins).

Just going to copy my comment from the "Raising the bar in videogames" thread:

Dyni wrote:
Mr Crinkle wrote:

Demon’s Souls raised the bar in so many areas that it completely changed what I viewed as acceptable in an action game. Combat, player training, bosses, level design, and atmosphere were all on a level that just blew away everything that came before it. Definitely the most impactful game I ever played.

Same. Demon's Souls ruined other action games and RPGs for me for years.

The Malazan books ruined fantasy books for me.

2d Mario platformers ruined most other 2d platformers outside of Super Meat Boy.

Demons Souls, etc, ruined action games for me, but I'm over that.

Diablo continues to make it tough for me to get into other ARPGs. There's always a bump to get over.

Mark of the Ninja. Haven't really played any other stealth games since but could go back to it again.

The big two groups for me are the same as what others have said.

Dark Souls definitely highlighted to me that I like slower paced action games. I also really like Resident Evil 4 / Dead Space style games that are about positioning and strategic aiming over lots of headshots. It's hard (but not impossible) for me to get into games that emphasize large numbers of enemies or quick combos.

The Witcher 3 / Horizon Zero Dawn / Fallout 3 (Particularly the DLC) I think all do a good job of making each small story interesting. I more immediately recognize parts of games that are not wrapped in story and tend to want to avoid those. This made me not really enjoy Fallout 4 or almost any of the newer Bioware games.

As much as I enjoyed Far Cry 3, I think it ruined Zelda: Breath of the Wild for me. I've played every other Zelda game (other than the CDi ones) and just didn't really want to go too much into this one. The world opened up and it just seemed like open world sprawl mixed with Minecraft busywork. I enjoyed Far Cry and Minecraft, but I don't think I want more of those.

As an aside, I often play older games and am much more forgiving of these old games. The older the game, the more forgiving. A Playstation 1 game with simplistic combat isn't a drawback for me as long as there are other things going on.