Choose your tag, qaraq!!!

The time has come, qaraq, for you to choose your tag!!! I must admit I’m a bit short of anagrams... Have at it, folks!!


"I need u"

Pal in drome.
Tick tock


And now for something completely different

Go Hang a Salami! I’m a Lasagna Hog!


LouZiffer wrote:

Pal in drome

Pal in Rome


Like a duck


Due to a Google search, I offer:


Or you can go with silly:

The q is silent

Or the ROT13 version:


Stuck in queue

Front to back, back to front
I like q

me amadeus

Rhymes with bawkdonkadonkhonk
Don't need no U
Raq lock

Thanks! I'll think of something shortly when my brain is a little less Friday. . The source of the nym is either an old Star Fleet Battles campaign or a college LARP; I've forgotten and it doesn't really matter any more. Either way it's just a random Klingon name at this point. Though I suppose I should at least have a look at Stephen Weinstock’s fantasy series of the same name.

Hjorolf is my old WOW paladin- Old Norse for sword-wolf or something close to that. It amuses me that a google search on the name finds turns up old raid records before the Icelandic sagas. I guess that's OK because Hjorolf the paladin was a pretty good raid healer and Hjorolf the Viking was kind of a loser.

nuqdaQ Qujmey nIpol? (Where do you keep the games?)

Because qaqaq was all ready taken
U had me at Q
U complete me
Well I'm, stuck in the middle with q


Often confused with Garak
From Qardassia

I liked Hjorolf before he was cool

In before the loq

Drawkcab Monk
(Just in case you liked Might and Magic V)

Don't fiqs if it ain't baroque.

It's all Klingon to me

and Jalad at Tanagra

Today is a good day to die

Still qazy after all these years

Grenn wrote:

and Jalad at Tanagra


Found under roqs



Came across this in the Finished Any Games Lately thread:

(I'm working on a stormtrooper (TK) costume for the 501st, so maybe I just like being an interchangeable cog.)

So now I'm nominating

Interchangeable cog

Decision fatigued

I'm going with "Desert Princess". That's pretty, right?

Not "Crack"

Deserts of qarak