Who is the most unexpected music artist that can make you get teary?

Music is one of those things that can stir emotions in weird ways. I frequently find myself getting a little teary on haunting violin instrumentals. There are also songs that can make me tear up because they're so heartfelt, like Belinda Carlile's The Story. But for my pick as the most unexpected artist that makes me tear up is...Ozzy Osbourne.

There is something about Ozzy's voice that seems so emotional to me that it can get me to tear up. Plus the music of his slower songs hits that spot with his use of strings.

**Dreamer** : The music, the lyrics and his voice just go together.
**Diary of a Madman** : This has both the haunting strings and he sounds so desperate.
**You Can't Kill Rock and Roll**: The opening guitar sets me up and then there's just something about the way Ozzy sings it.
**So Tired**
**Road to Nowhere**
**Back on Earth**

Strangely enough, Goodbye to Romance doesn't do it to me.

Do you have any artists that make you tear up that people might not expect?

And yet you didn't mention this:

I was going to, but for some reason it just doesn't get me like the others. I can see why it fall into that category for some though. When I watch the video it does affect me more. Ozzy does a good job portraying emotion in his videos.

And yet you didn't mention this little romantic song by Ozzy,
Now You See it, (Now You Don't)

I wasn't expecting Linda Ronstadt to hit me in the feels, but she has a few doozies:
Long, Long Time
Different Drum
Blue Bayou

I start crying when pretty much anything by Nickelback starts playing.

The only Nickelback song that tears me up is that one about "If today was your last day. Tomorrow's much too late..."

But most songs that make me cry aren't from sadness. They are from beauty.
Duran Duran's "Lonely in your Nightmare" is sad but it is more the poetry that gets me:
"I see the delta traces living lonely out on the limb
And a passing glimmer warm beneath your skin
Please tread gently on the ground when all around you earth
Turns to fire
Only get a second chance when danger's on the wind"

I will add ABC's "All of My Heart" to the list. It was more obvious when the song was released but over time, 80's songs have developed a cheese label they can't shake. Maybe this will change some hearts:
"Once upon a time when we were friends
I gave you my heart
The story ends
No happy ever after
Now were friends
Wish upon a star if that might help
The stars collide if you decide
Wish upon a star if that might help
Now I hope and I pray that maybe someday
You'll walk in the room with my heart
Add and subtract
but as a matter of fact
Now that your gone I still want you back
Remembering, Surrendering
Remembering that part
All of my heart"