The GWJ JRPG Club Version 2.5 HD Remaster: Now Playing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (Q2 2024)

Glad to be back after not participating for a few rounds!

Awww.. well good luck guys and keep us posted!

In for a penny, in for a pound. And just in time before the main game gets released toward the end of April, too!

I have really been wanting to get around to this one since it came out, finally a good excuse to actually play it! Now to decide which platform I want it on...

To put it on the books, I finished 13 Sentinels just before the temple doors slammed shut. A good time was had by all, I'm pooped.

Congratulations! The theme for that quarter is "Special" Battle music - and I present, as your victory fanfare, Battle with the Fallen Angel (Astaroth) from Shadow Hearts: Covenant!

Many thanks, sick theme~

Congrats to merphle, our first finisher of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising! In honor of this game, our victory fanfare this month will be town music. And we'll kick things off, in merphle's honor, with this gem from Chrono Cross: Arni Village (Home version):

Much appreciated, LS! While you’re in there tinkering with the levels, any chance you could also credit me for Cosmic Star?


Oh no. My Loki mini gets 8 FPS in the intro. Guess I'm playing by the PC.
Edit: Dropped the shadows and the resolution down. 20 now.

Congratulations to Mr GT Chris, who has also finished Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. And what better way to celebrate Eiyuden Chronicle than with some town music from Suikoden II, right? Here is Heart Softening Theme, a/k/a the headquarters music!

Nice, brings back memories! Now, as great as it is, that game could benefit from a remake.

Mr GT Chris wrote:

Nice, brings back memories! Now, as great as it is, that game could benefit from a remake.

Good thing that’s already in progress, along with 1. Just needs a release date.

Congratulations to Wembley, and to me, our third and fourth finishers (respectively) of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising!

For Wembley, a very child town track: the Viscint theme from Tales of Arise!

And for me, the opposite -- but one of my favorite town tracks: Land of War (Hartschild) from Bravely Default!

I am late in posting this, but congrats to brokenclavicle and ComfortZone for finishing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising! Here is some more excellent town music.

For broken clavicle, I present Quiet Village from Dragon Quest VIII!

And for ComfortZone, The Sight of Spira (Besaid Village theme) from Final Fantasy X!