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I can't think of any with online co-op, but sharing pawns in Dragon's Dogma would lead to some hijinks I'm sure!

It seems like the nature of a JRPG makes it less suitable for active coop. You can coop a lot of Dark Souls if we consider that a JRPG (you can summon phantoms in more places than just boss rooms). That is about the only game that comes to mind for me. There are some asynchronous stuff like pawns in Dragon's Dogma, but those are probably mostly going to be limited to 3DS games as they really wanted to encourage the Street Pass thing.

Dragon Quest IX's co-op multiplayer was amazing, provided you could get someone in the same room as you to play it. Unfortunately, it was local only, and the game has not been made available outside of the DS.


Fire Emblem Fates would let us all visit each other's castles. Shame the game is one of the least-liked of the series.

Pokemon would probably be the best bet. Do you guys like Pokemon? I haven't played it since Red (so, a long time), but I think the base game would be too easy and too boring for me. I'd rather have interesting and challenging battles than a collection mechanic. But I never got into it for multiplayer and know a lot of people really like that.

Malkroth wrote:

It seems like the nature of a JRPG makes it less suitable for active coop.

Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking beforehand, and once I started looking, found it to be even more the case than I initially thought. I was hoping there might be a few more random JRPGs that took a crack at it, though. There are some games that do local co-op, like the Tales of series and the Mana games, but obviously that doesn't help us much. Still curious to see if people can think of any others.

LastSurprise wrote:

Pokemon would probably be the best bet. Do you guys like Pokemon? I haven't played it since Red (so, a long time), but I think the base game would be too easy and too boring for me. I'd rather have interesting and challenging battles than a collection mechanic. But I never got into it for multiplayer and know a lot of people really like that.

I'm a fan of the series, I was thinking the same. Trading would probably be the biggest benefit, but it looks like the normal online battle modes put all Pokemon at level 50 for Pokemon XY and later, so multiplayer battles could be fairly equal even if the Pokemon's levels in-game are wildly different.

It's generally an easy series, but some of the games are harder than others (Platinum and Black 2/White 2 come to mind). But the online for both of those went down when Gamespy went kaput. There are some ways fans have come up with to restore the online services, but there are a couple of hurdles to jump there. I haven't tried it, personally.

As for difficulty, there are some self imposed challenges like the Nuzlocke Challenge that some people do, where you limit what Pokemon you can catch to the first you see in each area to prevent hunting for the best ones, limit switching so you can't pick the best matchups in battle, and permanently shelving/releasing any that get knocked out. I did a run fairly recently in Pokemon X, and it was significantly more challenging than a normal run until I got near the end and had a couple of really strong party members set up, but even then a random crit could take someone out permanently. I found myself forced into using a bunch of Pokemon I had never touched before, and a lot of creativity had to be used for some of the tougher battles.
If we wanted to go that route, we could make the rules optional for the club, or pick and choose rules to apply if we wanted, since not everyone would want to play under harsh restrictions, especially if they aren't as familiar with the series.

I assume the Monster Hunter games would qualify as JRPGs, and World came out in early 2018 so it could be an option. That could be a lot of fun to get together and hunt something as a group, but I can also foresee a lot of problems lining up schedules and timezones, and some people getting left out of multiplayer for those reasons. It would be harder to line up an hour session for a big hunt with 4 people than, say, a 5 minute trade in Pokemon with just 2 people. But even if we didn't play together, that would be another game where a lot of notes could be shared. I put about 30 hours into it in December and got about halfway through the main game, and I think there's still a lot to talk about in World, especially if people are coming to it for the first time.

So that's kind of what I was going with my original thoughts; what JRPGs can be played together online in some capacity, and what sort of interest is there in the club for those specific games?

Final Fantasy XIV! It's a JRPG, it's co-op, and it's the best Final Fantasy game.

I'm totally interested in playing FF XIV, though I've never spent much time in an MMO and would worry about overdoing it. I bet my wife would love it, though she'd worry even more about getting sucked into an MMO than I would.

I'd also totally give Monster Hunter World a try. Never played anything in that series but I hear great things.

I spent 100 hours on Monster Hunter World when it came out on ps4 and at least another 50 when it came to PC. It is a wonderful game, even more so with people to play with.

I played FF14 back when it came out, but lost steam before the first expansion landed. My patience for soloing in an mmo is basically non existent at this point, which is a shame because I have heard nothing but good things about ff14 story since the Shadowbringer expansion.

Monster Hunter is one of those games like Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda where they're both Japanese and an RPG but aren't, in my mind, JRPGs.

I agree Clock, those are not games that come to mind when someone says "JRPG". Even Dragon's Dogma is on the fringes, being more a Japanese take on a western RPG to me than a "JRPG".

We just played a side-scrolling brawler a couple quarter's ago, so I'm not sure we're sticking all that close to traditional JRPGs.

I can't be responsible for your questionable choices.

Personally, I'd rather facilitate that be a gatekeeper. If a bunch of people who like playing JRPGs all want to play Dark Souls or Monster Hunter together, then so be it.

Now, if everyone voted for Super Mario Odyssey or something, maybe I'd speak up.

Cronox wrote:
ComfortZone wrote:

Did you play Indivisible? I've been eyeing that one for a while. Its combat is supposedly based on Valkyrie Profile, and it looks gorgeous.

I started Indivisible recently. The combat system is quite interesting, although so far I am finding it a little bit frenetic.

I've been playing a fair bit of Indivisible recently, and "frenetic" is a good word for it! I can see there is lots of scope for interesting combos, but setting it all up and getting the inputs right is just out of reach for me. On the positive side, after 10 hours I am improving (I can block pretty reliably) but I think battles are taking me much longer than they should because I'm not able to put together the high damage power moves.

How did you go with it?

Well, with the month coming to a close, I pushed through and finished Chapter 5! The endgame is closing in.

My characters' levels are in the 70s -- the Mausoleum at the end of Chapter 5 was great for grinding.


As in Starkfort, nearly everything was undead. It took me a minute to remember to give everyone Freelancer abilities and start going Halfsies on Phoenix Downs.

Everyone's now at the point where they've mastered several job classes and I'm trying to figure out what to do with them, as I want them to keep learning new skills. There are some classes I haven't yet played around with. And, the new Asterisk from the end of Chapter 5 is ... interesting. I'm not sure how much it'll help in grinding random encounters, but it's stats are great. I'll definitely have to spend some time with it.

Another note of progress, I've now finished the side quest that gives you the second-to-last Asterisk


The Templar

and on to Lontano Villa!

I'm definitely feeling ready to be done here. The game has so many combinations of jobs that work, but it also feels like it has a few too many. Because I feel like I had a pretty good system for stringing together back-to-back random encounter wins, I feel like I am just trying to recreate the same build with a new skin, each time I master a job, and that's making the process of mastering them feel less rewarding. At the beginning of the game, I loved that "one more!" mechanic, but now it's getting old.

And as I write this, I realize that I have the choice to stop having one more fight, or I could just turn down the difficulty or turn off random encounters.

I wonder how many posts LastSurprise will make in the thread before he realizes he's in the main/voting thread rather than the Bravely Second thread.

I was wondering the same thing

It was going to be at least one more before you guys clued me in!

Advance notice for the Q3 nomination process:

  • June 14th to June 20th, 2020: Nominations
  • June 21st to June 27th, 2020: Voting

See you then!

Very glad I played and finihsed this game!

Uh oh, I really need to get back on track with Bravely Second! I was really enjoying it but put it down to focus on study and...Well, it's been a while since then.

If anyone would be so kind...I just unlocked the hot-springs boat at about 30 hours. How far into the game am I? I'm guestimating another 15 hours to go.

Hmm, that puts you at the end of Chapter 2, I think? 15 hours might be right if you move quickly and skip the optional content. I am going to spoiler-tag a few things, not for plot-related matters but just for how quickly you can get through things:


Chapter 3 is as long as any of the others, and features a few side battles with Bravely Default's Asterisk Holders.

Chapter 4 is pretty short. It is one big dungeon, which is about as long as two normal dungeons (about 6 screens and 3 bosses, IIRC). One of the optional Asterisk fights might be in Chapter 4, as well.

Chapter 5 is fairly standard, and not terribly long if you beeline through it. Chapter 5 is also where you unlock the ability to go back and get all the Asterisks you didn't previously obtain. All of the side stories are faster to play through the second time around.

Chapter 6 is shorter than 3 and 5, but longer than 6. It features one normal-length dungeon, one double-length dungeon, and then side quests for the final two Asterisks, and then 7 optional boss fights to get all the special abilities for the last asterisk.

I understand there are also some post-game dungeons.

If you want to press on but don't want to binge, I think you could easily finish Chapters 3 and 4 by the end of the month, then get through with 5 and 6 in the next month.

Perfect, thanks for the advice. Spoiler section was particularly helpful.

Unfortunately I have exams soon and assessments everywhere. So I'm just playing things that I can relax with or require little commitment.

I really do enjoy Bravely Second but it was a bit much for me to juggle. I'll definitely finish, even if I end up playing it a few weeks into the next game

Games on the Switch went on sale on the eshop (in the US, at least), and Ni No Kuni has been discounted to $20. It's one of those games that I keep an eye on now that it's been in voting consideration here a few times, but I'm debating if I want to gamble that it would be selected.

Voting time always makes me a little nervous when a bunch of sales are ongoing, since I'd rather get new games on sale whenever possible.

I've been lurking on this thread for a bit, but haven't happened on the right game being chosen at the right time to feel good about committing to actually taking part.

Ni No Kuni is also on my radar, and it would be very nice to time my plunge into that game with others.

Ooh, I have been interested in Ni No Kuni for a while, too. And right now, it's on sale in the Playstation Store for $19.99, as well. It looks like that sale is going on until June 18.

That's right in the middle of our nominations window, though if there are a bunch of things on sale and people want to shift the window, I'm certainly willing to discuss it.

No need to change things up on my account; I've already pulled the trigger on Ni No Kuni and am fine holding off on starting it until we have a better idea of whether I'll be playing it as part of the club or by myself. I have no shortage of time-sinks to occupy me in the meantime.

Ni No Kuni is one of those games I bought the special edition for back when it came out but never got around to actually playing it at the time. Would need to dust off my PS3 and reconnect it to my TV if that gets nominated for next quarter.

Ni No Kuni is currently discounted on Switch, as well. It would be a fun club pick, I think.