Hidden Gems of Xbox Game Pass

By nine, you mean *100 right?

Maybe I got lucky? Just slow and methodical with a ranged weapon and the sinew slicer doing most of the work. I only had a sliver of health when I beat HotK.

I'm pretty sure I've only done two more runs since I beat the Hand, I can screenshot my stats if I can remember! It's definitely a lot tougher with 1 boss cell.

Wanted to play something lighter after Outer Worlds so I started up Rage 2 and it's just goofy fun if you can take the swearing and the blood splatters. Hop in a car, drive for a bit, hop out and be invincible murder machine for a bit, back in car, repeat. It's colorful, irreverent and just plain fun. Don't know if it will hold up for the entire game, but a couple of hours here and there hits the spot.

I loved the first Rage. You’ve convinced me to give #2 a try.

I loved Mad Max, by the same devs as Rage 2. Anyone out there go from the former to the latter?

I enjoyed Mad Max and I also enjoyed my time with Rage 2 earlier this year. It's not too long and it's mindless fun, which is a good fit for Game Pass.

Darksiders III is now on Game Pass PC

And if you have never played Abzu, play it now. It is leaving GP on 11/30 and is a 2-3 hr chill underwater exploration game with no combat and only one shark related semi-jump scare.

Talos Principal is really good. Kind of like The Witness but more fast paced and a bit simpler. That said, it’s not a short game and there’s plenty of challenge to be had. There’s also a running theme of AI and sentience and philosophy underneath it all.

I’m very disappointed by the Munchkin game. I’ll admit that I didn’t make it past the tutorial, but it wasn’t the type of game I was hoping for. I’m a fan of the card game and though I didn’t expect it to be a straight digital translation of that, I was hoping it would be more like Slay the Spire than a crappy “party” game.

Did anyone else try it?

Demon's Tilt pinball was just added to game pass on Xbox and PC. I'm no judge of great pinball but this is reminding me of all the hours of fun I had playing Alien Crush and other pinball games on TurboGrafx-16.