Gaming Laptop


I'm looking for a gaming laptop (trying to get back to PC gaming) and so far the one I'm most inclined to get is the Helios 300

Any other recommendations for laptops on that price tag? Maybe someone has any comments on this machine (good or bad)?

Sorry if this post is redundant, but I couldn't find a post for laptops.

Also, what do you think? Should I wait until black friday or cyber monday?

Seems decent although previous generation. In that price bracket personally I bought a Dell G5, and generally I prefer Dell to Acer. My sister bought a Predator last summer and she likes it well enough.

Make sure you check out the reviews over at notebookcheck before you buy. They are one of the few sites that do in depth temperature and throttling data which is very useful if you ever plan to use it in your lap. And they include PWM measurements if you are sensitive to display flickering like I am.