I think Vermintide 2 is creating Schannel errors in Event Log

Since march of this year I've been seeing these error messages in my event log.

Event ID 36887, Schannel

The following fatal alert was received: 20. (or 40 or 70)

The first instance happened on march 15th, since then I have logged 16 errors in march, 23 in april, 6 in may, 2 in june, 7 in september and 1 so far in october. They seem to be tapering off over time.

This is probably just a harmless error report. But I'm still curious about what's causing it because the event description is so vague.

I looked back at what I was doing on the computer back in march and I can see a few probable culprits. The first being the monthly windows 7 all-in update which installed a day before the errors appeared. Secondly Firefox updated to a new version in the same time period. (and third-party browsers are a known cause) The last one is just a hunch but a few days before I installed Vermintide 2 and the first Schannel error is logged within 30 minutes of the game's EasyAntiCheat service being installed for the first time.

Another reason why I suspect EAC as being the problem is that it's looks like other people have been having similar issues. This is an example of an EAC log file from someone trying to play Paladins but apparently can't install EAC correctly. There are certain lines in that log file that look awfully suspicious:

[2018.05.30-21.46.53] Download Progress: 0%.
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] Connected to download.eac-cdn.com ( port 443 (#0)
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] Download Progress: 0%.
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: SSL/TLS connection with download.eac-cdn.com port 443 (step 1/3)
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: disabled server certificate revocation checks
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: sending initial handshake data: sending 176 bytes...
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: sent initial handshake data: sent 176 bytes
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: SSL/TLS connection with download.eac-cdn.com port 443 (step 2/3)
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: failed to receive handshake, need more data
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] Download Progress: 0%.
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: SSL/TLS connection with download.eac-cdn.com port 443 (step 2/3)
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: encrypted data got 179
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: encrypted data buffer: offset 179 length 4096
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: next InitializeSecurityContext failed: SEC_E_INVALID_TOKEN (0x80090308) - İşleve sağlanan simge geçersiz
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] Download Progress: 0%.
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] Closing connection 0
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: shutting down SSL/TLS connection with download.eac-cdn.com port 443
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] [Connection Verbose] schannel: clear security context handle
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [Connection] Connect result: SSL connect error (35) Response Code: 0 Destination IP:
[2018.05.30-21.46.54] [EAC Callback] Code 902. Message: 'File not found: EasyAntiCheat\Cache\easyanticheat_wow64_x64.eac'.

Now I just booted up Vermintide 2 as a test and this is the log file that results when EAC downloads and installs properly:

[2018.10.22-23.26.47] Loader initialized.
[2018.10.22-23.26.47] [Connection] Connecting to URL: https://download.eac-cdn.com/api/v1/...
[2018.10.22-23.26.47] Download Progress: 0%.
[2018.10.22-23.26.47] Download Progress: 1%.
[2018.10.22-23.26.47] Download Progress: 2%.
(many entries later...)
[2018.10.22-23.26.48] Download Progress: 100%.
[2018.10.22-23.26.48] [Connection] Connect result: No error (0) Response Code: 200 Destination IP:

So it doesn't happen every time, but it would make sense that I got the most errors back in March when the game just launched and there were tens of thousands more people playing at the same time.

I don't know much about networking and stuff, so if anyone else does do you think there could be a correlation here? And if vermintide isn't the culprit how would I go about finding the actual cause if the error message is so vague?