2019 NBA Catch-All - The Year The Process Pays Off?

They can't have Snoop!

Throw in Jack Nicholson, and it's a deal.

That is dumb, I wouldn't even put all those players in. I'd want to keep probably Kuzma. Davis is good but he has proven over the past seven years he has to have at least two other great players to play with to get anywhere.

My favorite in that picture is LeBron James Jr.


I don't really understand the Philly side of the deal, it seems like they gave up a lot to get Harris for four months before he is a free agent expected to get near-max offers. Maybe there is some benefit I haven't read about like the players they sent out free up more cap space for them next year or something, it just seems expensive to me.

I think they're just going all in for this year to make a run for the finals in the LeBron-less East. They're giving up a lot of bench for it though, for sure.

I think it kind of make sense if they keep both Butler and Harris and ownership's willing to pay a huge tax bill once Simmons is off his rookie contract. I doubt that's the case though, and between giving up assets for Butler and now Harris I can't help but think they might have been better off with a single better piece and keep a bit more quality of depth. Of course the reports were that San Antonio wouldn't talk any realistic (i.e. non-Embiid/Simmons) deals so I guess they didn't really have any great options.

I was struck by how risky the Porzingis trade is for both teams in that deal. Dallas gives up a couple future firsts (one unprotected) for a very tall man coming off an ACL injury and the Knicks get cap space (which they might not be able to use effectively this summer even if they have a few winks-and-nudges worked out right now - stuff can change) and the couple of uncertain future picks. It was an interesting deal.

Report: The Pelicans Invented A New Kind Of Tampering And Used It To Exact Sweet Revenge On The Hated Lakers

The idea, here, is that the Pelicans, by drawing out negotiations, and strategically leaking details to NBA scoopsters, and routing more and more of the communication between the teams through all-too-willing media proxies, have deliberately destabilized the Lakers, by distracting and humiliating their players and ruining the team’s internal chemistry.


This has been the dumbest, pettiest trade deadline in recent memory and I am loving every minute of it.

Raptors acquire Marc Gasol from Grizzlies for Delon Wright, Jonas Valanciunas, CJ Miles, & 2nd rounder (2024). Pretty great trade considering Gasol is also under contract next year. Raptors now with only 11 one-way contracts so they will need to acquire two more players (or convert both of their two-ways) before the end of the day.

And now Monroe and a 2nd to the Nets. Down to 10 players. Something's gotta give.

Isn’t Valanciunas good? Seems like the Raptors are going for it why there’s any kind of window.

DSGamer wrote:

Isn’t Valanciunas good? Seems like the Raptors are going for it why there’s any kind of window.

He's good but limited. Not as good defensively as you'd want. Has no range but is outstanding in the post. Can't dribble, handle the ball, or pass very well. Has been injured for the last couple of months but is just about ready to return. Great personality and a very hard worker.

Wright is the best player/most potential in the group. Can play anything from SF to PG but is a natural PG. Very good finisher at the rim and passer but inconsistent 3-pointer. Biggest issues have been injury history and general inconsistency. He's also already 27 years old and hasn't been able to establish himself.

The day after Milwaukee puts up 50 in the first quarter and 148 in the game, the Bucks land Nicola Mirotic for trash and some 2nd round picks. A good, high volume 3 shooting stretch 4 who has graded well in both team and individual defensive metrics. His game is a perfect fit for Bud's system. Plus, this:

Crazy and exciting!

I liked JV but i'm cautiously optimistic that Gasol will be better. Now to see what extra pieces we pick up.

Who's going to play the game tonight? lol


Jeremy Lin to Torontovia espn...

Dennis Smith, Jr. receives the first pity 50 in dunk contest history.

Prederick wrote:

Dennis Smith, Jr. receives the first pity 50 in dunk contest history.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this as well.