Spooktober 2018!

If you're not already familiar with Monster Mash, you're probably much younger than me.

MeatMan wrote:

If you're not already familiar with Monster Mash, you're probably much younger than me. ;)

I'm familiar, and old!

Happy Halloween!

Since my last update, I have managed to read some old Creepy comics after all. Also finally watched Return of the Living Dead. I want to see the original Dawn of the Dead but it's not streaming anywhere at the moment.

My kids dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein and Mario (with Cappy).

My kids are going as Charlotte the spider and a slice of pizza haha

I'm going to wear my wife-made Toothless dragon hoodie, 3rd year running. Because it's awesome.

So I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to spend Halloween with my ex like the last 8 years because of scheduling conflicts, but I can. It’s a good thing. I get to chat with her and her family some of whom I only see once maybe twice a year, help her and her brother hand out candy and interact with 2 lovely doggos and 3 great cats. It’s gonna be a great afternoon/evening.

I was able to get my fog machine repaired and tested out a vortex cooler I made and it works pretty well! Excited to use it tonight!

My ex and her brother (and frankly the rest of the family) like to scare trick or treaters who are old enough to handle it. Their threshold for horror starts at the age of six, where her brother is dressed as the grim reaper and has a veil and sits very still next to the bowl, occasionally moving when people get close enough. Around the age of 10+ my ex starts scaring them with her werewolf costume she has for when she works at a haunted house. There was a really great scare with a group of about 5 high school aged trick or treaters. Because they've been doing this for years, they are well known in the neighborhood and the locals expect it, but they don't always tell their friends who are with them. This was one of those times.

They have a storage pod because they're renovating the house and it blocks the view of the porch where the brother is set up, and gives a nice hiding place and a way for my ex to sneak up on people. Well the high schoolers were coming around the pod and the one from the neighborhood said "By the way, there's a werewolf here somewhere.", and two of her friends just bolted, nearly dropping their candy. The three then started to come up and another two were starting to get freaked out by the brother, and as they were getting their candy the two from before finally started to come back up, just in time to see my ex sneaking behind their friends, they then screamed, and ran away again. As the group of three was leaving, my ex decided to do the long game and snuck around the yard using her haunted house training not to make a sound as the group of two finally came to get their candy, investigating the side of the pod and determining it was safe for them. It wasn't. They get their candy and my ex was able to sneak up right about 6 inches behind them before they turned around, they were definitely stuck in the decision mode of fight or flight. She then laughed and stepped out of the way for them to leave. They were good sports about it too, laughing after the fact and not punching my ex. There were about 5 memorable scares but this was the best of the bunch.

Lots of people recommending Hill House and Sabrina on Netflix. If you're still in the mood for dark and/or scary.

The Haunting of Hill House is indeed great.

I guess my theme for this year is starting to catch up on old horror movies. First I saw Return of the Living Dead, and now I've seen Hellraiser and The Shining.

I'd say The Shining was obviously the best, although maybe I enjoyed Return of the Living Dead the most. Zombie movies are a favorite of mine, though I'm way behind on many of the pillars of the genre.

We had torrential rain and tornado warnings in my neighborhood yesterday, but for us the rain came to a nearly complete stop for the hour and a half we trick or treated. Then it resumed with gusto.

Return of the Living Dead, the true appearance of intelligent and fast-moving zombies.

MaxShrek wrote:

Return of the Living Dead, the true appearance of intelligent and fast-moving zombies.

Yes, I was very surprised by this!

None of those movies that I watched this year have worked for me nearly as well as The Haunting of Hill House. I can at least imagine rewatching Return... and The Shining at some point.