Looking for new $500 gaming laptop

It's time to replace my son's 4+ year old Dell Latitude. It's served well, but it's getting pretty slow and starting to die.

Primary uses are gaming (HOTS, Minecraft, Fortnight, etc.), watching streams and YouTube, video chat, and school work. Ideally he'd like to be able to record and stream as well, but that's lower priority.

Budget is ~$500 US, but somewhat flexible if there's a really good deal for a little more.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I can't think of a 'gaming' laptop for $500, they usually are $800 minimum. However if he was getting by on a Latitude he will probably be alright with most anything current, since I am pretty sure they do not have dedicated graphics. Take a look at Acer and the Dell Inspirons, I think they have a couple at that price with dedicated graphics and an SSD.

Find a good open box from Newegg or Amazon. I've purchased a few of these for my kids and haven't been let down yet. Just make sure they are sold and shipped by either Newegg or Amazon and not a 3rd party.