American Horror Story: Apocalypse - Catch-all

I know there is not a lot of folks watching, and the rating seem to be dismal. I suspect this will be it's last season. But I am kind of loving the gothic end-of-times camp of this season.

The twist of this season, which was detailed before the season started was that this would be a mash-up of seasons one and three, Murder House and Coven. I liked the idea, as those were my two favorite seasons, but they went in a crazy direction that makes total sense, but I was totally surprised by every step this season has taken. And for those that like a more speedy tale, this is more like The 100 in that each episode moves the story is new directions, and really keeps stuff moving.

After three episodes, I'm all in. Some of the acting is fantastic. Elizabeth Taylor, of all people has some fantastic moments. Kathy Bates has a crazy, crazy role. Don't get caught up in who's playing which characters. Some actors will have up to three roles apparently.

If this is the final season, it's a damn good way to go out.

Jayhawker wrote:

Elizabeth Taylor, of all people has some fantastic moments.

Wait, what? Ok I'm in.

Wait, I’m dumb. It’s Joan Collins, not Liz Taylor. Doh...

She’s still fabulous.

I finally caught up on the third episode and like the overall premise. However, I feel things are moving both way too fast and yet not fast enough. Also, trying to shoehorn in several past seasons feels forced.

It’s just the two. The first reference was when they got to the outpost, I believe. They referred to it as a former school for exceptional boys, which was kind of a cool reveal. Coven was a school for exceptional girls, witches, that is, but there was no mention of a boys version.

The anti-Christ is Michael Langdon, the baby born in the last episode of Murder House. If you remember, he was the result of the mom, played by Connie Britton have sex with rubber suit guy, who turned out to be Tate, the dead teen who shot up his school. The psychic, I believe, mentioned a ritual in which a ghost and human procreating would result in a demon, or maybe the antichrist himself (can’t remember the specifics).

What better force to stop the antichrist than a coven.of withes. That last scene of episode three was a callback to to Coven, when


the blonde witch revealed she was still alive to the Supreme, Jessica Lang, as she was dying. The inference is that the young girl that feels like someone is trying to crawl out of her is Jessica Lang. That’s how she was able to knock Langdon in his ass, because she is the supreme. That’s why she doesn’t know who she is. I expect the coven will release her in the next episode.

And she is going to be pissed that she was forced to hide as the celebrity girl’s bitch. Wiping her because her nails were drying? :shock:

I’m kinda loving the mash-up.

Anyone still watching? The mash-up is in full effect. The show might be too campy, or perfectly campy. But when it goes horror, it still delivers, although not as gory and disturbing as in many past seasons.

It's a pretty fun season, and the story is moving quickly, even if the timeline is snaking around all over the place. It's shaping up to be a pretty epic battle for humanity, which will be ridiculous, but like Supernatural ridiculous.