I made a Photoshop tutorial about Vanishing Point

And I worked on this thing for months because: Job.

Anyway, if you are curious, it's here. It's for Photoshop CC users who are curious about the Vanishing Point filter. It might be slightly informative to some peoples here.

Godzilla Blitz wrote:

FaceRig for the win! Nice work. I bookmarked it for watching later this week.

As an aside, did you have any issues getting your voice to sync with the FaceRig character? I tried to make a tutorial with it once and I had quite a bit of difficulty syncing voice with video.

Thanks. And Goodness yes, syncing is really, really challenging.

When you're assembling video in an editor, it's easy enough to offset the audio so that it matches the video better, but if you were to do streaming, it's very temperamental. You have to really zero-in on the millisecond delay, which is something that is affected by the beefiness of your rig and your streaming rates. I played really hard with that stuff in the very beginning but have since ignored it.

The other problem (which is quite evident if you close-read my video) is that sometimes you won't get good articulation and have to 're-shoot' a delivery because facerig flubbed. I made some "good enough" calls because I was tired of re-reading the same passages eight times in the hopes that Facerig would read my face well enough.

The only way to truly resolve that is to purchase Facerig Studio for $300. So.... yeah: no to that because... $300. But I may break down within the next year because I enjoy creating this stuff, but really need the control. For instance: With standard facerig, when you do a render, the camera is in a fixed and locked position. You can't set where you want the camera to be.

What that means is that if you want to, say, zoom out a bit, you have to use OBS Studio (or some-such) so that you can directly record all your camera stuff. The downside there is that you can't do really sharp renders and have to rely upon real-time because you use OBS as a pass-through.

If you have any other questions, let me know. I'm happy to share. Been deep in this stuff for a while now.

That's good to know about FaceRig, thanks!

I didn't realize they had a $300 version, yikes. (I've got the Pro version.)

I don't need perfect syncing, and I imagine I'd get better if I did it more often. The time I was testing it, though, it was pretty off. And it seemed that no matter what I did, the syncing was noticeably wrong in places. It could be perfect in one spot, but wrong two seconds later. I didn't know if I was imagining things or not, but after about a half hour of messing with it, I decided I needed better drugs to make progress.

I want to come back to it soon, though, and I might take you up on your questions offer. We make quite a bit of instructional content for work, and I'd like to shift into some video that has a bit more pop to it. We don't need video and production as polished as yours is (smaller audience, no budget for it, too much content to make and it always needs to be done right away), so I'm still hopeful that FaceRig can get us there in an efficient workflow for some of our content.

And although I watched the first few minutes of your video, I don't think I subscribed yesterday. I did so now! I've still got it bookmarked to watch fully.

Please do! I'm happy to offer any help I can. I'm particularly focused on workflow. One of my projects now is to build out more after-action notes and set down a better process. Lots of that is down to being diligent in Premiere (or whatever your editor is) and that can be tedious... but the payoff is (I hope) less time spent fiddling.