September 17 – September 23


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No two ways about it: If you are a fan of space games, it’s a good week.

Solar Explorer: New Dawn is for those of you who want a dumbed-down Kerbal Space Program that takes itself more seriously. I’m not sure why you would, personally, but a series of lunar-landing challenges on all of the planets of our solar system looks interesting and fun.

60 Parsecs is not, in fact, a measure of time. It is not a measure of distance either, in this case. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure comedy where you decide the fate of a band of astronauts as they explore the galaxy. Make sure to ration the soup.

Landinar: Into the Void is the latest game from the people who brought you Convoy. Its big claim to fame is that you can build your own ship and then walk around in it, which already makes it better than any of the Mass Effect games.

For those of you who like your alien interactions a little more up-close and personal, there’s Gun Rage, a pixel-art homage to Contra where you can shoot lots of alien monsters while dressed like The Fonz. What’s not to like there? Nothing, that’s what.

If you want to get even closer and more personal-er, there’s Reptiloids 2, which looks like the good kind of bad. You play as a woman seeking revenge on the aliens who murdered your boyfriend in the subway. Stop an alien invasion by beating them to death, one at a time. With a stop sign. It’s like if they remade the classic miniseries V, and recruited Bob Kane to write it.

Star Control Origins is an ARPG that appears to combine the best aspects of Escape Velocity’s ship-piloting with No Man’s Sky's ambitious planetary exploration and some ship-building mechanics that look robust enough to be interesting without being completely overwhelming. As a massive fan of Escape Velocity, and as someone who desperately wanted No Man’s Sky to be good, and as someone who would never turn down an opportunity to build my own spaceship, this one is a no-brainer for my game of the week.

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If you still have an appetite for games after the treats that September has already served up, then you must not like tactical, Pratchett-esque RPGs or open-world icon-a-thons. So this week, let’s look at some different types of game.

It’s either cruel fate, or some hidden counter-intuitive economic principle that explains why there hasn’t been a fishing game all year, and that now there’s 2 in the same week.

Fishing Sim World wants to achieve verisimilitude in fishing, and meticulously recreates fish behaviour, weather, water temperature and famous fishing spots. There’s also hundreds of lines, rods, reels, bait and lures for you to try in order to find the best combination for each encounter. I was about to scoff at this weird obsession with fishing gear until I realised I do the same thing every time I go back to the merchants in Divinity 2.

Legendary Fishing, on the other hand, is going for the “arcade-style” fishing experience. It brings back fond memories of my own misspent youth, turning up to the arcades with a pocket full of worms and hoping to snag a bass or two. Legendary Fishing seems a little more cheevo-oriented, but does offer local co-op. It’s been made by Ubisoft, so expect to climb towers to unlock lakes.

Cult favourite Mutant Football League is re-launching this week with Dynasty Edition, which adds a single-player mode and a bunch of new species, teams and Dirty Tricks.

The Door is one of those games that pops up every few weeks and says: Be more creative when naming your game, or it will wither in the shadows of poor SEO.

Sometimes we browse just to confirm what we wanted all along. I still have my core genres, and Bard’s Tale IV is smack dab in one of them. I’m a bit of a Bard’s Tale heretic – I only played the Cary Elwes-voiced PS2 one – but this has a pedigree that ticks all my boxes. Made by inXile, with a soundtrack by original Fallout composer Mark Morgan, it’s been a long time coming since the Kickstarter in 2015.

Pedigree or no, a game boasting “engaging tactical combat” has a high bar to clear after I’ve been knee-deep in the chaotic, yet situationally-fascinating combat of Divinity 2. Bard’s Tale IV has a similar turn-based, action-point system, although it’s in first-person. I’m not sure if it will be as deep or create as memorable, environment-specific encounters as Divinity 2, but of course I’m going to end up finding out. GOTW.

Here's the list, now in release-date order!


  • 09-18

  • 60 Parsecs!
  • Absolute Adventure Zero
  • Ballz Royale
  • Battle Of Britain
  • Biodigital
  • Blind
  • Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle
  • Caveman Chuck
  • Crime Girl
  • Dark Asylum: Mystery Adventure
  • Dark Places
  • Fishing Sim World
  • Frozen Knight
  • Gamer Sensei's Range Royale
  • GRAL
  • Guards of the Gate
  • Gun Rage
  • Hentai Space
  • Hentai Strike 1.6
  • Ink Plane
  • Jay Walker
  • Kai Entity
  • Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
  • Landinar: Into the Void
  • Main Character Simulator
  • Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts
  • Mummy on the run
  • Outback Survival
  • Pirate Island Rescue
  • Poverty is a Choice
  • Prototype TD
  • Sagebrush
  • Scarlet Smiling Skull
  • Seers Isle
  • Shooting Hurts
  • Solar Explorer: New Dawn
  • Space Pirate Amai
  • Speed Brawl
  • Supaplex THINK!
  • TAL: Arctic 3
  • The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep
  • The Great Voyage
  • The Lift
  • The Orphaned Soul
  • Touhou Fan of Destiny
  • Transference
  • Type Fighter
  • Verlet Swing
  • 09-19

  • Age of Viking Conquest
  • Click and Manage Tycoon
  • Cross Racing Championship Extreme
  • Farstorm
  • Gaygarin In deep as's'pace
  • Gladio
  • Howdy! The Western Game
  • Itsy Blitzy
  • JumpStream
  • Majula Frontier
  • MeatPossible: Chapter 1.5
  • Professor Watts Memory Match: Puppies
  • Quixzel Rush Halloween Party
  • Sakura Day Mahjong
  • The Rainsdowne Players
  • The Warrior Of Treasures 2: Skull Hunter
  • Underhero
  • Zeal
  • 09-20

  • CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
  • Cube Escape: Paradox
  • Cubeverse
  • FIFA 19
  • Find The Balance
  • Gene Rain
  • Hentai Strip Ball
  • Into the Fray
  • LOGistICAL 2: Belgium
  • Oil Baron
  • Pummel Party
  • Siberian Dawn
  • Space-D Launch Program
  • Star Control: Origins
  • Supaplex WOW!
  • The Cage
  • The Dark Room
  • The Gardens Between
  • The point G. How to find?
  • The Slater
  • Trials of Wilderness
  • Wandering Owl
  • 09-21

  • Apartment 3301
  • Beach Pong
  • BowmanVSZombies
  • Catfender
  • Cats Epic Puzzles
  • Color Cannons+
  • Doll of Resurrection
  • DotLine
  • Elle
  • Final Theory
  • Fruit Pop Free Edition
  • Hentai Hexa Mosaic
  • Home Security
  • Industrial Infection!
  • IrisPlus
  • Kings (Garnudo Games)
  • Liberty Prime
  • Loathing Heart
  • My Brother Rabbit
  • Orion Sandbox Enhanced
  • Project Reset
  • Pushing Through...
  • Puzzle Monarch: Mummy
  • Quixzel Rush Pumpkin Bash
  • Resort "Waifu Bay"
  • Rimi Action RPG
  • Shadow Play
  • Snowball Saves Summer
  • Snuffles and Co.
  • Somnium Space
  • Speedway Challenge Career
  • Spellrune: Realm of Portals
  • Stockpile
  • Stones of Yalmrith
  • The Amazonian Dread
  • Viki Spotter: Professions
  • Wizards Tourney
  • Yokai Mask
  • 09-22

  • Hell Shooter
  • ILive
  • The Tactics of War
  • Fire Place
  • 09-23

  • Love Hentai: Sexy Body


  • 09-18

  • Anodyne
  • Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle
  • Fishing Sim World
  • Hover
  • Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
  • Legendary Fishing
  • Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition
  • RGX: Showdown
  • Scribblenauts Mega Pack
  • Speed Brawl
  • Splody
  • The Door
  • Transference
  • Warface
  • 09-20

  • The Gardens Between
  • Toon War
  • 09-21

  • 8-Bit Armies
  • My Brother Rabbit


  • 09-18

  • Blind
  • Downward Spiral: Horus Station
  • Neonwall
  • Transference
  • Trickster VR
  • Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War

Xbox One

  • 09-18

  • Fishing Sim World
  • Scribblenauts Mega Pack
  • Transference
  • 09-19

  • Hover
  • League of Evil
  • 09-21

  • 8-Bit Armies
  • Anodyne
  • My Brother Rabbit
  • Wenjia


  • 09-18

  • Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle
  • Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk
  • Legendary Fishing
  • Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition
  • Omvorm
  • Scribblenauts Mega Pack
  • Speed Brawl
  • Sword of the Guardian
  • Undertale
  • 09-19

  • Siegecraft Commander
  • 09-20

  • A Case of Distrust
  • Hover
  • Light Fingers
  • MagiCat
  • Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
  • Reigns: Kings & Queens
  • Retimed
  • THE Card: Poker, Texas Hold 'em, Blackjack, Page One
  • The Gardens Between
  • Velocity 2X
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country
  • 09-21

  • Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent's Curse
  • My Brother Rabbit


  • 09-18

  • Pato Box


  • 09-18

  • Expedia Cenote VR
  • 09-20

  • The Twiggles VR
  • 09-21

  • Jet Island
  • 09-22



  • 09-18

  • Expedia Cenote VR
  • 09-19

  • Arcane Trials
  • 09-20

  • Steve's Pub - Soda on tap
  • The Twiggles VR
  • 09-21

  • Jet Island
  • 09-22



This might be the first time I've seen someone refer to a Star Control game as an ARPG.

garion333 wrote:

This might be the first time I've seen someone refer to a Star Control game as an ARPG.

They kind of are though? I think I'd personally classify SC2 as a JRPG adaption/distillation of Starflight's more CRPG/simulation approach.

I'm not touching Origins with a ten foot pole, though.

I'll be picking up Undertale on Switch. Maybe not day one, cause I've loads to play at the moment, but that's a definite purchase for me. Never played it before.

Been waiting for Bards Tale for a while
Having only played the Ps2 one a years ago I'm a little skeptic whether or not I'll enjoy it as much as I remember but.... screw it nostalgia trumps the wallet yet again.