NFL 2018 Week 2

iaintgotnopants wrote:

Shocking news: Both the Browns and the Vikings have signed new kickers.

Neither team signed Aguayo, so I hope their new kickers miss everything too.

Rat Boy wrote:

Josh Gordon to the Pats?

Is he gonna play defensive back?


Hue Jackson is legit the perfect coach for the Browns.

Apparently even ex-Browns players are also cursed.

Pats cut Corey Coleman to make roster room for Josh Gordon.

garion333 wrote:

Apparently even ex-Browns players are also cursed.

Pats cut Corey Coleman to make roster room for Josh Gordon.

That's a lot of shoes to keep moving around.

You'd think the Vikings would have learned a couple years ago when they lost a playoff game because of a kicker.

But since Teddy's gone I have no reason to cheer for them anymore and can just laugh.

Geez, again when ESPN tells you there's graphic content in the segment/show, believe them. That's more of the inside of Zach Miller's leg I thought I'd ever see.

garion333 wrote:

Apparently even ex-Browns players are also cursed.

Pats cut Corey Coleman to make roster room for Josh Gordon.

And the Browns sign Rod Streater to fill their new WR vacancy, who was in Bills camp but was a casualty of the final 53 cutdowns, right alongside... Corey Coleman.

It'll be interesting to see if he ends up in Philly. He had a visit to Philly scheduled that he canceled when he signed with the Pats, and the Eagles were strong in the Josh Gordon running.



This Russell Wilson O is just awful. The O-line is a complete joke.

Love how the D is competing.

E: Well that was a perfect throw.

Top_Shelf wrote:

This Russell Wilson O is just awful. The O-line is a complete joke.

This year, the team switched from away from their tactic of spending jack sh*t on the offensive line and just expecting Tom Cable to coach them up, to now... spending jack sh*t on the offensive line and not having Tom Cable to coach them up.

Even with Duane Brown on the books, they're 26th in OL positional spend.

Perfect throw and awful defense. It's the back of the end zone, you know the pass has to be coming, turn your head and make a play.

That pick 6 was all Wilson.

Abu5217 wrote:
detroit20 wrote:

But, of course, they decided that this year the solution to all their woes was to draft a running back in the first round, and pay him a guaranteed $39 million! That's a lot of money to pay someone to help Eli Manning off the ground several times a game.

While I agree on the OLine thing, if you take Barkley out of the mix last night do the Giants have any offense? He is a beast and already looks good. He could be great.

I think with Beckham Jr, Engram and Shepherd (particularly Shepherd, who I think is under-rated and could become one of the best No.2 receivers in the League... given the opportunity) they have plenty of offense.

Yes, they need a good and permanent back. They've had a bit of rotating cast the last few years (Bradshaw, Jennings, Vereen, Williams, etc, etc, etc.). But I'd argue that that's because running behind the Giants O-line has been a thankless task since their last Superbowl win.

Barkley may turn out to be amazing, but I don't think that - in the modern pass-oriented game - his 1st Round/$39 million guaranteed is too high an opportunity cost. Maybe a serviceable 3rd round back, with the spare change spent on a guard, would have represented better value for money?

And let's not even talk about the complete absence of an Eli Manning succession plan...

Kyle Lauletta was a smart pick by the Giants, for sure. So, there is some hope at QB.

Fedaykin98 wrote:


That's one hell of a burn

I'm not sure whether to blame O'Brien, the team, or GM Rick Smith and Owner Bob McNair for interfering with everything ever with the Texans. It seems to me that most of our players and coaches that leave Houston get even better. Since that's been going on since the team was founded it makes me think it's a McNair issue. His behavior kinda makes me think the whole business might have some culture problems that coaching changes don't help, and when players get out of that culture they do better if they have the talent. The Texans have had a lot of talent come through their locker room, and it's all been wasted. Andre Johnson's entire career. Watt's best years. Carr's brain health.


Gumbie wrote:
Fedaykin98 wrote:


Me on Twitter wrote:

Houston went from "healthy Watson is gonna dominate the AFC South" to losing to Blaine Gabbert in just 2 weeks.

Seahawks calling timeout with 10 seconds still on the play clock after Wilson audibled out of a play. RW rather unhappy with it.

Basically RW was audibling out of Brian Schottenheimer's 1st down play call, which had been a Rashaad Penny run for 6 straight 1st-and-10 playcalls at that point.

When they came back from timeout, they ran it with Rashaad Penny for 1 yard.

The 2nd-and-9 play that followed was the pick six.

Anyway, I am reminded of why I was so happy Seattle picked Schottenheimer.

Going to work on a day after the Seahawks lose and the Niners win is the best feeling.

garion's fave getting some high PFF scores:


shh ignore the snap count, he's gonna be great as an every-down player for your first big free agency splash signing, Eric DeCosta.

Nah, they like to draft guys who can't pass rush.

I can't wait until the offseason, when I can copy-paste links to every article that even hints at Fowler as a free agency target of the Ravens into the offseason thread.

Posting just because of Dave's choice of "Google" name replacement:


The Vikings lead the NFL in drops, but Diggs and Thielen, who have 54% of the targets, have only 1 drop combined.

I can see you doing the math.

Laquon Treadwell, 4 drops... on 10 targets.

Matt Patricia: We're not building the Patriots, we're building the Lions

Detroit area football fans: Can we have the Patriots?

PFF's offensive line rankings through week 2

Garion will appreciate the blurb for the Patriots.

Seattle's not last, but they're damn close.

And Houston, holy sh*t, I don't think I know a single one of those names.