GWJ Conference Call Episode 622

Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI, Divinity Original Sin 2, PAX Wrap UP – Boyfriend Dungeon, Ashen & Villainous. Game Spaces That Remain Unexplored, your emails and more!

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This week, before venturing off into the Himalayas, Shawn sits down with Lara, Amanda & Cory to discuss unexplored game spaces

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Like Swimming - Broke for Free - - 45:51

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Dear Science:
I'm aware that Titan doesn't have it's own moons, I meant Saturn

00:01:30 Marvel's Spider-Man
00:13:17 Dragon Quest XI
00:26:50 Divinity Original Sin 2
00:32:50 Boyfriend Dungeon
00:37:47 Ashen
00:39:15 Villainous (board game)
00:45:51 Game Spaces That Remain Unexplored
01:06:17 Your Emails

Holy crap, Certis laughed his ass off.

"I'm not normally into horses".... but....

Amoebic wrote:

Dear Science:
I'm aware that Titan doesn't have it's own moons, I meant Saturn :P

Shawn mentioned it, but VR really has your back (assuming you have access to VR, of course), both on the visiting moons aspect , and the internal body aspect.

Admittedly, those are all more edutainment than actual games, but still....

It's going back a little ways, but Microbot on 360 XBLA was a twin stick shooter set inside the human body.

I kept picturing an adaptation of something like Fantastic Voyage or Innerspace during that discussion.

I've gotten significantly farther into DQ11 since we recorded, so I'd like to update my early reactions with the following hot take:

*happy sigh*

What was the name/author of the fantasy series mentioned written by an archaeologist? Sounded interesting.

Malazan Book of The Fallen is the series! Steven Erikson.

The chat about wishing away the fighting in Battlefield to be able to explore the environments free from pressure reminded me of this PC Gamer article by Sam Greer about exactly that: How modders are removing enemies from games to create stress-free experiences.

I did this recently in the original DOOM. I turned off the enemies and wandered about a level admiring the architecture like a little lost tourist on Mars.

What's the name of the choose your own adventure romance book mentioned on the show? Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer.