Goodbye, 3DS — Now Playing: Monster Hunter Stories; Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon


I played the first game a couple months ago for the first time, and despite it being a fairly short game, it felt padded-out and sloggy. The mansion in that game is designed as a big loop that you travel back and forth along, but the ends don't reconnect. There are parts of the mansion that in order to access them (which you'll need to do multiple times in order to finish), you'll need to loop through significant sections of the house just to get there. They're especially fond of routing you through the graveyard in the back. That the hallways are packed with ghosts you can't get rid of that stun you when they show up and who constantly throw bombs at you makes it feel even more tedious.

I have mixed feelings about the mission structure in Dark Moon, but I like that the spaces you're navigating change from mission to mission. I don't like that there's no warning that you're about to complete a mission, but Luigi's Mansion had the same problem. It forcibly ejects you from the house three or four times for no apparent reason but to do it.

I'm not saying you're wrong, to be clear. It's a difference in tastes and preferences.