Dog Days of the PIle - Pile of Shame September 2018

I made it to the final boss of Yakuza 2 with half of my health and no healing items. I gave it a few tries, tried again on easy, and could not get it done. I don't want to go through an hour of combat and cutscenes to try again, so I'm going to call it done and watch the end on YouTube later today.

Not a huge fan of the combat and I hate the quicktime events in the game, but the story was fun, and some of the side quests were hilarious.

Well, in news that should surprise no one, I didn't finish a single game of those declared - or any other games, for that matter.

Having two new puppies and getting some extra work have put a dent in my gaming time. I did progress quite a bit, so I'll be carrying all of these over for the end-of-the-year thread.

Didn't finish Aliens vs Predator (not surprising), but will carry it over. I remember why I bounced off it 20 years ago - death comes far too rapidly. I'm determined though. Alien campaign done and most of the way through the marine one as well. Only Predator left after that.

Do we have an End-of-Year pile thread up yet? As usual, my search skills are lacking hehehe.

EDIT: And now I see it. Sweet.