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Sunday, 2pm

Fortnite has also brought out the big guns, and has taken over that parking lot where World of Tanks was running over things with antique tanks last year. They've put up a big tent where you can watch the Summer Skirmish tournament that's going on in the basement of the WSTCC Annex, as well as possibly get a Fortnite burger (Itsatrap reports they're surprisingly good).

PAX Arena ( is currently running a Soul Caliber IV Amateur Showcase.

Sunday, noon

The weather is awesome, and there's a lot of awesome stuff going on around town today as well.

If you haven't had a chance yet, you should check out the PUBG area. They've turned 9th Avenue and the Paramount Theater into a live-action level you can ride through in an actual combat vehicle, and are holding their Broadcast Royale tournament inside. Just follow the smoke. If you're following the action at home, check it out at


Saturday, 8pm
That Mass Effect panel was a love letter to the series, not an announcement of any sort. So the take away was "Mass Effect is awesome" and we agree.

Tonight's concert in Main Theater at Beneroya (and on twitch/pax) lineup is the Video Game Pianist, The OneUps, and Bit Brigade. Enjoy, starting at 8:30.

And rando-musically, the melodica people are back here by Hippogriff Theater with a spirited rendition of the Imperial March.

If you're not sure what to do at Tabletop, they have a great idea. Look into their Repeat Fave tournaments. They start when the game brackets fill or at the top of every hour, whichever comes first. So they're great to get in and play old favorites. Tonight's fave is Love Letter and it will run from 6:30 pm to 11 pm.

This isn't game-related, per se. I got a really cute picture of my service dog Loki playing with his crispy fish toy when I gave him a break, and I'm going to shamelessly share it with you. It's his first PAX, and he's been doing very well at adjusting to a very challenging environment.


Saturday, 3pm
I have TimTams. Your argument is invalid. Or at least far less interesting. In actual news ...

  • Diablo III Eternal Collection is coming to the Switch, and they're celebrating with a fetch-quest in the Expo Hall. Get your mission card from Blizzard's booth and complete the tasks to get in on the prize drawings.


  • Fire is attending the Mass Effect panel put on by Axe of the Bloodgod. We'll report on that when he gets out.

Someone is performing the opening theme of Sailor Moon as a duet between a cello and a melodica in front of Hippogriff Theater. It works surprisingly well.

Saturday, 11am

Saturday's always a big day at a PAX, and this one looks like no exception. The doors are open and we're in full swing.

Pink Gorilla is a local retro and import gaming fixture and a perennial PAX favorite. Take a look at Pink Gorilla's booth! There #136, in the corner by the Indie Megabooth.

Shuttle Service – PAX West is all over downtown. To help you get around, there's a shuttle doing laps of the various venues. It starts off in the Convention Center, and goes around. Look for the signs to see where to catch it.

Swag Report – I have a trout and I know how to use it! (Thank you, Shrike) If you want a trout of your own, look for them in the Expo Hall.



It's PAX time again, and we're coming to you live from a blessedly damp Seattle day. Things are about to get underway, and we'll be on the scene with useful info and color commentary.

Friday, 6pm
PAX wouldn't be PAX without concerts, and Friday kicks it off with some new blood: Triforce Quartet, SAMMUS, and, Super Soul Bros. at 8:30 Pacific down at the Main Theater in Benaroya and on the main twitch stream.

Tabletop over in the Olive 8 has a broad selection of tournaments to please every palate and skill level. Two Rooms and a Boom has games starting every 10 minutes. Or, if you want to delve a little deeper, there's a Lords of Waterdeep tournament running from 5pm to 9pm.

Friday, 3 pm
Things hit the ground running around here, and we're not stopping for a break yet. I've got a couple actual games for you to take a look at:

  • Astroneer – Find and gather resources in this early access game of galactic technology and exploration on PC and Xbox. If that sounds interesting, head up to Booth #644 and play it for a custom printed Astroneer ID tag.
  • IMAGE(

  • My Brother Rabbit – To change gears completely, here's a beautiful, tender story of a brother's love for his sick little sister. Their parents are out to get the cure, so he helps her cope with her illness by taking her into the world of his vivid point-and-click imagination. Scheduled for a Fall 2018 release.
  • IMAGE(

    Friday, 10am

    • The Twitch streams are an easy way to be a part of the action from home, starting off with our keynote Storytime Session with Ion Hazzikostas at 10:30 am. Take a look at for the main PAX theater feed, for a selection of content from Hydra satellite theater, and for the e-sports action at the PAX Arena.
    • PAX is huge, and if you are on-site and trying to navigate the bewildering array of buildings, there are a couple hints to help you. The Main Theater is in Beneroya Hall. The satellite theaters are named after mostly mythical animals that share a first letter with the name of the building they're in. The Washington State Convention Center has Cat Theater. The Sheraton has Sandworm, Sasquatch, and Sphinx. The Grand Hyatt has Hippogriff and Hydra. Wyvern is down at the Westin.

    Let's start with that, and I'll be back soon with news and fun!

    PAX West 2018 - Astroneer Badge
    PAX West 2018 - My Brother Rabbit plushie
    PAX West 2018 - Hitman 2 inflatable trout
    PAX West 2018 - Diable III Quest for Treasure booklet
    PAX West 2018 - my service dog Loki


    That Astroneer ID looks awesome.

    It is pretty cool. And there's four different ship types - Borman, Gagarin, Schirra, and Jemisin. Don't tell D but I have collected them all.

    Hey, a pair of us are looking for a few extra players to play the "Captain Sonar" boardgame. If anyone is interested in joining us, we'll be on Floor 3, Room 3B kinda near the Gaming Oasis stuff. We're hoping to intrigue 6 more people to play. Hope to see someone!