GWJ Conference Call Episode 620

Graveyard Keeper, WoW Update, Dad Quest, Grimmwood, Phantom Doctrine, Are Re-Releases Choking Out New Games? Your Emails and More!

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This week Cory, Sean Sands, Amanda and Shawn talk about the glut or remasters and re-releases drowning out new games.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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Wash Out - Broke for Free - - 41:29

Tropicks - Broke for Free - - 1:15:10


00:00:00 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
00:09:11 Graveyard Keeper
00:24:23 Grimmwood: They Come at Night
00:31:22 Dad Quest
00:34:50 Phantom Doctrine
00:41:30 Are Re-Releases Choking Out New Games?
01:15:15 Your Emails

Phantom Doctrine (I'm impressed Shawn didn't call it twenty different combinations of words that begin with P and D like I've been doing) sounds like a definite Steam sale buy for me. I'm a sucker for the "[Game], but with spies" genre.

As for the conversation on "Jank" please add "Dragon's Dogma" and yes I include the Dark Arisen expansion in this area.
Great game... I love it!

Episode got me thinking...

Should GWJ have its own semi-regular (yearly?) survey of its listeners' gaming behaviors? (I've been a listener for a few years but a total lurker on the forums, so this may have been attempted in the past. I've no idea.) When the crew was befuddled to the question of how many heavy Switch users were also heavy Steam users, it got me thinking: I'd love to know those same stats from a sample of the listeners & community members.

Terrible idea? Mildly interesting?

Thanks for the shout out, Amanda! It was a great discussion (and even nicer wedding day).

McGuit wrote:

As for the conversation on "Jank" please add "Dragon's Dogma" and yes I include the Dark Arisen expansion in this area.
Great game... I love it!

That game is almost the definition of beautiful jank (tm).

This episode contained a big discussion on Switch specifically drowning in rereleases and co-releases. Nintendo has definitely gone through a transition with this console. After the world started noticing just how many Switches were selling, any developer/publisher who hadnt taken notice did.

For a while it seemed like basically any game could get on the Switch. Some real jank (and not in the favorable sense) got on there, even this year but now they're tightening things up. I submitted a great twin-stick shooter/music game I'm partnering on. Its creative, it looks great, it sounds great, it's polished, but Nintendo rejected it without explanation. I take this as a sign of them locking down, as I'm confident in the game itself. We'll re-apply after a PC release.

You guys discussed the Venn diagram of regular Steam gamers and Switch gamers. I expect they just barely kiss (Im in there, Im sure a lot of us are, but we're a minority). It really is an opportunity to reach totally new audiences so it's hard to blame the Stardews and the Dead Cells and the Death Road to Canadas out there for wanting to broaden their reach. As a player I've pulled up some PC games recently and wished they were on Switch instead (Graveyard Keeper!)