Glycerine, chooseth thy tag!

Sorry if this was already up--four pages of topics is my limit for back-checking.

Slippery when... well, always

Just say N₂O



I'm never alone
I'm alone all the time
I wanted to change, but...
Not letting the days go by
And now for something completely different



Had wooden teeth, chased Moby Dick
Can you fly, Bobby?


Based on the avatar:

Why so serious?
Do I really look like a guy with a plan?
If you're good at something, never do it for free.

90's Grunge Song

Fun with anagrams:

Celery Gin
Crying Eel
Lyric Gene


see also Glycerine X
It’s not my time to wonder why
Got a machine head (better than the rest)

Wow, only took 9 years. Although they’re all great, I’ll have to go with “Why so serious?”

Thank you all for the suggestions! Most people don’t have a clue my handle refers to the Bush song, not the compound for dynamite. Nice to see a few people here pick up on that instead of just assuming I want to blow things up, though I enjoy doing that as well.

Good for your skin