Any volleyball players or lovers in here?

I coach and play volleyball and absolutely love it. Anyone else on here share my love or have kids that play?

Sadly, the extent of my knowledge of volleyball is A.) The Olympics and B.) That insane high school volleyball highlight from Texas.

Yeah, that play is amazing. I had a similar play happen with my club team last year where my setter ran from the net to the back wall about 40 yards away to get a shanked pass. She slid on her knees into the wall and passed the ball back to the middle of our court where my outside hitter made a crazy downball swing for a kill.

Used to play a lot in high school and college. They didn't have any organized men's teams at that level in my area, so I ended up playing in a co-ed league with my parents or in intramural leagues in college, or just with friends in the summer a lot.

Always enjoyed the game and for a minute there thought wished I could play at a higher competitive level. I really loved it.

I've dabbled here and there over the years. High-school Gym class, some pick-up rec games in Yellowstone when I was working there 15 years ago. I was really impressed when my dad took my brother and I to Missoula MT(nearest city to where I grew up) to watch the US Mens team play against Canada. I was probably about 12-13 at the time. Bob Samuelson's play is still pretty firmly planted in my memory.

Work has an outdoor artificial turf court, and I'm thinking about getting in on their Tues and Thurs afternoon games. I should probably stop thinking about it and do it before the rains come.