100% Stolen from Reddit.

However, George Carlin was actually person who came up with SCUM

Ha! I've been playing for about a week. I'd love to play a lot more consistently with people, but I have odd hours.

Same here!

I did jump on a random populated server and within 10 minutes there was admin popping in and offering to give me free gear. I got kitted up with a bunch of military grade equipment and clothing as well as a bunch of pork steaks and pineapples.

I'll be back playing more after next big update. Just bad timing a bunch of other stuff came out that I'm interested in or larger updates.

Is it me, or the crafting is slow compare to, say, Rust ?

I played single player for the tutorial, and some concept still elude me.

People still play ?

Oh, and the game is 1 year old today, being sold with a discount.