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While out fishing and crabbing, we did use our 2+ weeks of reservations at South Beach campground in Newport here in August and September.

Next time we're down that way I'll have to pull in and scout out that campground. I'm not sure that they have any sites that will accommodate our trailer length, truck included, at about 50 feet. Nothing available recently anyways, when I was looking for open spots a few weeks ago.

It's a fun park! You do have to fight to get reservations in the good spots. We started rating the campsites this year for how well they do a big tent, the boat, and two vehicles. Looks like I'm moving to Newport here, though, so I'm probably not going to need to stay there anymore. I'd like to camp at Silver Falls once, and eventually do a Yellowstone trip.

Honeyman State Park this weekend. Neat spot next to some serious sand dunes just outside of Florence Oregon. Not a beach park, since it's a couple miles from the ocean, but there is access to the dunes directly from the campground. Folks with Quads and other ORV's can camp in a loop with direct access to the dunes. Kids probably covered double digit miles on their bicycles while we were there, so a good time getting away.


How'd you guys let this one die? Let me live through you!

Pretty boring here. Our little thing is going in for winterization on Tuesday.

I got close to buying a truck a couple times but keep telling myself I need to wait until prices are reasonable. After the truck purchase, I'm sure we'll get a larger camper at some point.

There's an F-150 Hybrid Lariat for sale with just under 5k miles in town. If they drop it another $5k, I may jump on it.


Fully winterized already. Snow is on the ground.

Well I've just replaced my decade old sleeping bag with a warm-ass one from Feathered Friends, so I'm going yurt camping next weekend!

Booked a few nights at a nearby state park during spring break. Will be nice to get away for a few days. We've been holding travel vouchers we had from canceling our spring break Maui trip in 2020, but I'm not certain we can convince our 3 y/o to wear a mask through the whole flight(if at all). So we're working on full refunds at this point. Trailer has been winterized since mid October. I'll be hand packing the axles with grease in early March.

Our early October trip to the coast. South Beach State Park, Newport Oregon.



We also crammed in a Montana, Idaho tour early last summer. Plus a trip to Crater Lake in July. Below is my mileage and MPG after the Montana trip in June.


And a random photo from my mom's house in Montana, where we set up our travel trailer next to the barn for a week or so.


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Well I've just replaced my decade old sleeping bag with a warm-ass one from Feathered Friends, so I'm going yurt camping next weekend!

No no no no no. You just made me look at my nice down sleeping bag in a completely different light. I think I picked it up in the fall of 2007. It's like when I use to look at my parents backpacking gear as a kid and think how old it is. I'm the parent now.

I love the South Beach park! Live right by it now!

Great pics. Looks like you guys had a great time.

I finally traded my 2011 Challenger R/T for a 2019 F-150 XLT with 11,500 miles on it. We want to be able to take the trailer farther from home than we have been and now we can. Kit's Explorer Sport was serviceable pulling our trailer, but it never felt right/safe/comfortable.

The F-150 has the Max Trailer Tow Package, but not the Heavy Duty Payload Package, unfortunately. We'd like to get a longer trailer eventually, up to 30', but we're going to really have to watch that pin weight.

I'm not quite ready to tow it over Monarch Pass, but heading over to Arkansas or to the Ozarks in Missouri is in our near future. I just started a new job which is WFH for now and maybe permanently, so figuring out how to work from the trailer will be great. The trailer is small and has a small dinette which is NOT comfortable for long-term sitting. I either need to figure out how to make that more comfortable with new cushions or something, or enlist my uncle to help me rip out the dinette's built-in seating and build something more comfortable. I haven't hit the forums to see what other people have done, yet. That's on the agenda.

This is the new ride:

The hardest part has been dealing with using a key. Both Kit's Explorer Sport and my old Challenger had remote entry where it unlocked and locked by touching the door handle. The "new" truck has remote start, but not remote entry or push-button start. IE. I have to use the key fob to unlock it and put the key in the ignition to make it move, even if I remotely started it. This is happening again and again...

1) Remote start the truck.
2) Put key in pocket.
3) Go to the truck and cuss when I remember I have to use the fob to unlock it.
4) Take key out, unlock it, put key back in pocket.
5) Enter truck, fasten seatbelt, and realize I need the key to "start" it although it's running.
6) Take key out of pocket, put it in the ignition and drive away.

Over and over and over again.