Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

I trust Owlcat
But the Rogue Trader table top stuff on YT is vague and very, very dry

It also apparently uses a d10/d100 system which I believe is what I played and liked when I played "Arkham Horror" IIRC. But that seemed like it works for table top and has some questions for CRPGs.


I do like the 40K setting, and will definitely be looking into this one.

But there's been plenty of Warhammer gaming in recent years and I would have loved to see Owlcat's particular talents put to use in finally bringing a proper Iron Kingdoms (Warmachine/Hordes) CRPG into existence.

I was hoping for Starfinder or a sequel to DoW2 so I guess it is close enough to not be too disappointed.

I wonder if converting to d10/d100 is what lead them to turned based only? Although they did seem quite enamored of their Wrath turn based implementation.

Shadout wrote:
imbiginjapan wrote:

Just not into 40k?


On the upside the Rogue Trader milieu seems a bit more loose than the mainline WH40k tone since it's sort of a privateers and smugglers kind of thing. I expect this lets them be a bit more creative with the tone and plot than they could be with the hardcore Space Marine type stuff.

I have to reserve judgement on the turn based thing - I could see it working better than RtWP since the majority of characters would likely be packing heat... to manage cover and ranges etc. in real time seems like it would get messy.

So I did it...
I apologize in advance if I jinxed Rogue Trader.
I bought the $99 founder's pack with the alpha access.
They are vague on beta but I found a spot on the FAQ where it indicated next year for beta.
I can't wait to get my hands on this and hopefully help influence development.