Aiport Extreme dying... what to get

I just found out that Apple wll no longer make the Airport. Such a huge dissapointment since those were THE routers that worked like wonders. After years and years of LYNKSYS, TPLINKS, DLINKS etc... I dont want to ever go back.

I did a little research.... what about Google wifi?
Is it good?
Will it let me set it up as a router or just bridge mode?
Does it allow me to chagne DNS for vpns and such?
Will my other Airport Extreme connect to the google wifi?

Our Home Main extreme died.... and I need to replace it soon

Thanks in advance

Orbi are the worst. Avoid like the plague. If you are looking for a router and wifi replacement I would look to a nice Asus router. If you have an existing router I would look to Eero or Ubiquity UniFi to run WiFi

Thanks for the input.... the Airport Extreme and Aiport express in my home give me a very good MESH network... I am basically looking for something to repalce my mesh network..

Thank you once again for the orbi heads up.
Eero.. never heard of it.. can yhou tell me more about it please

I googled "wifi mesh" and google autocompletes 2018.

Most top 10 lists put Netgear's Orbi at the top of their list.

I've come to trust TheGameGuru's opinion. Does anyone have a tech recommendation site that they can trust? I remember Tom's hardware use to be respectable back in the days when they only recommended PC components.

For home networking, I have always been partial to Small Net Builder. Very in-depth, so you can find the best router for your specific needs/niche.