Gamers With Lives - Julian Murdoch

Gamers With Lives Episode 1 - Julian Murdoch

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Sean McKenna hosts a series of interviews starting with the GWJ Conference Call podcasters. This month Sean talks to Julian Murdoch about how he came to GWJ, training for a triathlon and much more!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about or whatever else is on your mind.

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Hey everyone, I've set up a forum thread for Gamers with Lives. It'd be great to hear your feedback:

I just wanted to say: I have already stolen the Rabbit-Con idea. Last year I said to my wife, after listening to the Rabbit-Con Conference call, "I wish I had /my/ own con."

To which she basically said "Well, why don't you?"

The second annual Zudz-Con will be taking place in Wildwood, NJ this August. So... thanks for that.

That's awesome.

Also: this is a very weird thing - talking about yourself for an hour. I guess if anyone has any followup questions ...?

I really loved the episode, it actually pushed me to join. Thanks for sharing your story Rabbit and thanks for hosting LP.

(moved comment to the actual thread)

Beautiful episode! Looking foward to listening to Sean McKenna interviewing the other regulars !

Rabbit - you mentioned a while back about building your own house. I’ve always been interested in hearing more about that. Why you did, how did you pick the area and why western Mass, how was the process etc. if you are willing even just a post in the This Old House thread with an overview would be nice. I have wanted to go down that path myself so I am always wanting to hear other experiences.

I really enjoyed listening to this -- Sean and Rabbit did a great job.

As far as other questions goes:

I believe you are one of the only regulars on the podcast who practices a religious faith. Maybe you could talk a little bit about your faith and how it informs your daily life / views on the world?

I loved hearing that you are going to do a Tri. I also got it into my head to do one a couple years back, started training at the local Y, joined a Tri class, learned how to actually swim. it was really good, and helped with the weight loss for sure, especially over the winter.

I also started with an Olympic, then moved onto a 70.3 the next year. Super great time. Need to get back into the sport...

Do you have a wetsuit? it makes a huge difference in swimming, like night and day. I did my Olympic without one and i was one of the last out of the water, but during my Half i had a wetsuit and I basically finished in average time, which was a great improvement for me.

Please post your experience when you're done.

You seem like a kind, positive guy Julian. I admire your attitude. I wish I could have your positivity.

Both you and Sean McKenna did a great job keeping it interesting. Congrats on the triathalon and weight loss. I'm struggling to get lower than my current weight. I was up to 227. I got as low as 198 but am back up to 204. My love of sweets sabotage further progress. While I am in France until January, I am trying to get in lots of hiking to help burn calories. But, I also love the patissieries and chocolatiers that are here.

I loved the opening music. It can be listen to / licensed here.