Realm Royale Chaos-All

Realm Royale!

Sweet mother, what a trip. Still in alpha, available on Steam, sprinkled with entertaining bugs, and an absolute blast to play.

I bounced off Fortnite fairly hard for a couple of reasons:
- my machine is on the low end for specs, and Fortnite ran poorly at low settings
- you need to know the map relatively well to get decent gear
- the skills required to be mediocre at Fortnite are not things that I'm good at, especially the building aspect

Enter Realm Royale.

Take Fortnite, add some Blizzard, stir with a hefty portion of Saint's Row 3.

It's a class-based battle royale shooter. Each class has a built-in ability (warrior regains 5hp/sec, engineer regains 5armour/sec, hunters switch weapons faster, etc). Each class also has access to 4 class-specific skills that can be found at various rarity levels, like weapons and armour. Oh, and there's armour as well.

There are chests everywhere. Every building has at least 1, so there is loot galore. There are melee weapons as well as ranged; you can equip 2 weapons at a time, like a sword and a shotgun. Or mage staves and throwing axes. Or plasma grenade guns (my personal favourite at the moment).

On top of all the fun loot that is liberally scattered around the landscape, there are a set of forges, where you can convert the shards you get from disenchanting loot you don't want (oh yeah, and there is actually a use for loot you don't want!) into legendary armour, weapons, and class-skills.

Other ridiculously fun things:
- I'm pretty sure the island was built with the direction, "Add cool stuff." There is a wild west town. There are watch towers. There is a sunken jaguar temple. There is a mountain with a path carved through it. There is a pile of really neat places to wander through, and the game doesn't even pretend that it's coherent.
- When your hitpoints hit 0, you turn into a chicken. If you can survive as a chicken for 30 seconds, you turn back to normal with all your gear.
- There are no parachutes. You dive from the party bus zeppelin and do the superhero landing. I love it. Every. Time.

Seriously; play. It's got the same kind of joy as Saint's Row 3, and feels remarkably polished for an alpha. I don't play many PC games anymore, and this one has me wanting to play one more round.

Been playing this last few days and having a lot of fun with it. Wish they would make a 1st person version but other than that very happy.

Edit: One thing that maybe not normally a negative thing but I think with GWJ community playing together it may be is currently there is 1 matchmaking and it's skill based. Normally this might be a good thing but with the varying skills in some of the pubg groups of GWJ crew it could be a problem.

This is Hi-Rez's BR based on their Paladin's game (Overwatch clone) engine.

It's come a long way from this:

to this:

Plus, the chickens make me giggle...