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Another little thing I forgot to mention from the AMA yesterday: no shield in Odyssey. Shields were very important to Spartan combat, but Alexios/Kassandra is a mercenary, wielding a First Civ relic. The Spear of Leonidas will do more than just pokey-pokey, so you won't miss your shield.

Also, Kassandra is the canonical protagonist, as she is the character featured in the AC Odyssey novel.

I barely used the shield in Origins, possibly to my detriment. I'm hoping the dodging and countering feels more responsive this time around.

I preordered the Gold Edition for the PC. Origins was my first Assassin's game and I loved it. Put about 50 hours in the game and enjoyed it throughout. So I am so in.

BadKen, did you like Origins better on the PC than console? I guess 60fps vs 30fps. I played on the Xbox One X. Beautiful 4K HDR, but 60 fps might be cool as well.

I definitely like Origins better on PC than PS4 Pro. The graphics detail is much better. The PS4 Pro version of the game, while looking better than the PS4 version, doesn't have nearly as much texture detail as PC Ultra textures, and atmospheric effects aren't as good. It's noticeable in the environments.

For a game that's a lot about exploring and looking at scenery, that's a big deal. I have a feeling Odyssey will be similar. The current gen consoles just aren't up to PC standards grapically, although the Xbox X might look better than my PC with its last gen graphics card and CPU (GTX 970/i7-3770K).

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Japan is getting a cloud based version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Switch

Announced during Japan's Nintendo Direct tonight, Japan will be getting a cloud-based version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey for the Switch. Why this isn't coming West is anyone's guess, but it appears to be the game in its entirety streamed to your Switch via the magic of the internet. This will probably be similar to Resident Evil 7's Switch version that used similar technology.

Review embargo seems to have lifted!

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I loved the hell out of AC Origins (100 hours in on the base game and DLCs earlier this year). I'm predisposed to liking Odyssey if they keep going in that direction. I'm also about to have a newborn in the house, and am gonna need a non-online game to play, because Destiny 2 doesn't fit with newborn stuff super well.

I'm mostly going to be skimming reviews to see:
- Similar scale to Odyssey?
- Similar gameplay without adding a ton more weight to the combat?
- More variety in activities, but without annoying crap like tower defense?
And most importantly:
- Is the writing and characterization as good as Origins? The writing and performance of Bayek and the human nature of the main and side quests really kept me going on that. I'm not sure if they can pull it off a second time, but I'm hoping they can.

Everything I'm seeing this morning says that Odyssey is bigger that Origins, the characters writing is good, the side quests contains some of the better content, and there is a TON of stuff to do.

For some reason I was concerned about Odyssey (despite loving all the previous games) but all the reviews I’ve seen have been super positive.

Yeah, I'm starting to skim through them now. Being big is good for me. With Odyssey, I liked the low-friction loop of the activities, so having a bunch of samey ones let me kind of zone out and listen to podcasts. Very psyched to hear the writing is also good. I think my only worry is that they'll do something to mess up playing as the female character. I'll definitely be doing that and would be sad if it was obvious she was playing second fiddle to the dude version.

I was hoping to pick up Origins on the cheap since this game is about to be released and I heard good things about it. Still full price I guess. Oh well RDR 2 is right around the corner anyways. I'll pick it up if it's ever $20 or lower.

I am happy it is getting good reviews. And when I am done with Spider-man and Tomb Raider I will be trading them and hopefully one of you will be done with Odyssey.

I think I'm going to pick up the Origins DLC next time it goes on sale, and wait on Odyssey. It sounds great, but I don't have the funds or time to play it, especially once RDR 2 comes out. Since they already said there will be a 2 year gap til the next full AC title, I've got plenty of time to get to Odyssey.

I put over 100 hours into Origins this year and with no AC game next year, I'll probably pick up Odyssey when it goes on sale.

Well crap. This looks really good.

I guess I'll get to it some time next year when I'm tired of Forza Horizon 4. Or maybe some time in 2020.

I'm very glad that I'm not super interested in Spiderman or RDR2. I'd be sad having to pick between three big, giant open world games.

I liked this review. SkillUp loves the game, thinks it is better executed than Origins, but also thinks it is too much of a good thing. His full review is yet to come, after he finishes the game.

So far, the Odyssey seems very promising - pretty much a more refined and deeper version of AC Origins.

But, at least on the X1X, the colors seemed screwed up. I'm having a lot of trouble getting a brightness/contrast/HDR combo dialed in. Blacks are pretty much non-existent, even with brightness all the way down. There doesn't seem like there's as much distance between the HDR highlights and the deep shadows as there should be. The atmospheric haze is distractingly whitish.

Overall, the game looks kind of washed out and the colors don't pop. The nighttime parts are sort of low contrasty with pretty obvious color banding on the gradients.

It may be me and my tv (LG OLED), but I suspect that there are some internal color grading settings that are out of whack.

Kassandra or the guy dude?

Can't even remember the male character's name. Guess I'm going with Kassandra.

Kassandra is Kanon. You choose...wisely.

Also this game has a 'sparta' kick option you can use on anything. As I think everyone should know by now, having a powerful kick attack you can use to punt people off cliffs, buildings and into convenient spike walls is a sure fire way to know you're onto a winning formula.

polq37 wrote:

I'm having a lot of trouble getting a brightness/contrast/HDR combo dialed in.

Found an okay setting, but it's way off from the defaults. Leave brightness at the midpoint default - don't try to adjust down the brightness so that the symbol disappears. In the HDR settings, adjust the max luminescence to around 1200 and Paper White down to nearly zero (20 worked for me). Then, back in brightness, you'll see that the symbol appears much more faint.

Color grading still doesn't seem ideal, but this setting looks better to me than anything else I tried.

Looks great! Now I need to finish Witcher 2 and then on to Origins first!

Pretty fun so far. I'm still on tutorial island, but Kassandra has been a good character so far. Unlike Assassin's Creed Syndicate, I have not seen the guy version so far, so it definitely feels like I'm playing the main character. I like the dialogue decisions, as they are pretty few, but can sometimes result in a really meaningful choice It is pretty similar to Origins, but since I haven't played that game in a year, I'm enjoying it.

Other thoughts:

The map is ginormous!

The game can make time disappear.

The "time to climbing Zeus's package" is much shorter than expected.

13 things to know when starting Assassin's Creed Odyssey

More thoughts:

I played around with a spear today, and it was really good. It's quite quick and it has a long reach.

Towards the end of the starter island, I explored a new area and accidentally advanced the main story. It was pretty seamless, and the game just rolled with it. I'm sure the game is pretty on rails at points, but it does a good job of making you feel like you have more control.

As soon as you get off the island, you will get your ship. And the crew sings!

I'm in. Now to find time between this and the WoW expansion.

Aristophan wrote:

More thoughts:

As soon as you get off the island, you will get your ship. And the crew sings!

Ahh great, loved the sea shanties in Black Flag!