The Division 2 - Catch All

Concur with setrio. I have zero interest in getting specific gear and entirely ignore the sets. When I play, I pop in, walk around, shoot bad guys, and get loot. I marvel at the environments, at the weapon sounds, think about strategy, and relax.

I'm in the casual camp too. I know there are builds I could work on but I'd need to grind certain weapons with certain powers, and I don't want to bother with that. I get stuff, I fit it in if it works, and I go get more stuff.

This is also a good game to just drop in and out of; you can log in, clear a couple of spots on the map for half an hour, and log out again.

This game is $15 at Wal-Mart right now. Worth picking up (are people still playing, or single-player decent enough at the price)?

6.1 is finally deployed, don't know the state of the game after the update because it was rough update for the team. Either way, here is a summary of the changes
The Division 2 - Title Update 6.1 - Summary

New apparel event, new NPC's dressed as santa which drop a special gun, several changes on the UI, changes on dealer Cassie Mendoza and HARDCODE MODE

Glad you posted this because I haven't played in the last few weeks. I'll have to remember to log on for the next few nights for the outfits.

The new gun that shoots snowballs is pretty funny. Headshots with it confuse the enemy.

I double dipped and picked this up on PC and PS4, so hit me up if you're playing on the cajjj. Motley, masher, and I have been playing on PC. If they're not around, I'm usually on console. For either one, just hop in and have fun, talent is in no way required! You're most likely better than us anyway (well, masher and I).

Finally got to Level 30 yesterday, now it looks like everything has changed, World Tiers and all that. If there's a GWJ clan on PC, please add me, Tuber8.