Steam Summer Sale 2018 Spend-All


Hello Steamers Anonymous! The 2018 Steam Summer sale (or Winter if you hail from beyond the Equator) is probably just around the corner, so I thought it was high time for a thread.


Let's start things off with the usual questions: Any particular games you plan to get? Budgets you intend to (try to) abide by? Also... How many games did you buy during the last sale and you haven't played yet?

1) Shadow of War
2) $20
3) I don't remember how many games I got during the last sale, but I played almost none? I feel like more of a hoarder at this point...

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According to my steam history, in the winter sale I only bought Sonic Mania, and I got that one refunded. So, a 0% strike rate!

This time round I'm not targeting anything in particular. There's already so much on my plate I can wait until Christmas. Those are famous last words probably. Then again my 5 year old son (almost 6) is starting to take an interest in the lego games, so if I can pick up the Harry Potter years 1-4 game for a few quid I might do just that.

I've been spoilt recently with BATTLETECH and Pillars 2 that there hasn't been a game which I've been dying to get my hands on.

DLC for Stellaris.
Maybe some DLC for Civ6.
I'm also on the lookout for city builders and turn based games.

I'm in the process of moving so the gaming box is partially packed. However if the right games come along I might try to make an exception. Some deals at GOG were tempting.

1. adventure games like Hob, Rime, or Survival indie games sound fun.
2. I'll probably stay low budget wise. $10 to $20.
3. I think I bought Super flight for a bunch of people as it was given to me. I played the hell out of it. Really sucked me in.

Edit:if I can finally get prey I would also be very excited.

Oh no.


Relatively few games on my immediate wish list, actually! Humnle Monthly has been keeping me busy.

I'd jump on a good Battletech deal, but I'm still waiting to see if it gets those speed patches.

Tyranny would also be a slam dunk if it went below $10. I don't have the time or patience for a 60-hour cRPG (Pillars of Eternity), but a replayable 15-20 hour game? Sure!

I'm sure I'll be swindled out of any remaining cash when I see the weird things I added to my wishlist months/years ago discounted, but the above 2 are what's on my immediate radar.

I'll be gifting games again, I think. I have a huge wishlist, so I'll probably grab a few off the top or bottom too. But then again, there's the tax bill... Grrr...

I'm aiming for..... nothing! Which is rare for me... and despite having over 70 titles on my wishlist. I guess I'll see what the discount is for some Indies on there, but there's nothing on the gaming landscape that is tickling my wallet strings open these days.

I guess I already own most of Steam, so not much. Steam sales have become a perpetual disappointment anyway.

Slay the Spire
Sonic Mania
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition
Batman: The Enemy Within
All the other stuff I didn't plan to buy.

Seems like I have played all the games I bought during the winter sale :O Got to be a first.
Night in the Woods, Pyre, What Remains of Edith Finch

Omni, Prismata and Cultist Simulator are both good...

Big wishlist here too. But trying to limit myself until I've cleared some pile.

Nothing pressing, since I have Xcom 2, Fallout 4, and Factorio as the next games to play on my list, and any of those could eat up a lot of gaming timme. Maybe the new Stellaris DLC if I feel like dipping back in, or Endless Space 2 if it goes under $10. Still considering trying out No Man's Sky if it drops under $20, but I have other big exploration games to play already on the pile, so I would likely be able to stay strong and not get it.

Heh, I have not actively participated in a Steam Sale (or thread) for a while, other than whatever meta is involved. That said, last time around Rallick got all up in my business and gifted me The Witcher 3, which I have yet to play.

Mrs. Abu and I recently fell into the abyss that is The Elder Scrolls Online (the first MMO for either of us) and I am not sure when other games will be played. Oh, we also bought a house and are in the process of painting and moving, so there's that.

Have fun all! I am sure I will lurk about.

To be fair, you didn't have it yet, and that's a challenge that cannot go unanswered!

Sure, I'll buy a bunch of titles and DLC that will sit on the pile with all the stuff I picked up on sale from the last 2 years. When does it start?

I wish I was kidding but I'm just getting to Metro 2033 now.

My gaming budget is supposed to be zero dollars this summer.

Conversely, I'm filling out my VR library, and my wishlist is lousy with games for the goggles.

So who knows what'll happen?

I’ve got about $20 stores up in my steam wallet. I’d like to keep my budget small beyond that, but who am I kidding? Really, I’d just like a good meta game this go round.

Bfgp wrote:

I've been spoilt recently with BATTLETECH and Pillars 2 that there hasn't been a game which I've been dying to get my hands on.

Those are my wish list but I'll likely only bite if there's a surprisingly good deal; Humble Monthly and a backlog of life-sucking RPGs has me in pretty good shape. In addition to those:
* Any cartoony, not-too-hard co-op game to play with my 7yo (LEGO Marvel 2 is high on this list)
* DLC for Hearts of Iron 4 (picking up the game in the monthly bundle this month)
* Cultist Simulator

But in general my plan is really just to bottom-feed on anything that's just too cheap to pass up. I certainly don't need anything new to keep busy.

Reluctantly bookmarking this thread as I don't think I've successfully passed on a summer or winter sale yet. I do need to revisit my purchases from winter and see what hasn't been touched yet.

qaraq wrote:

...In general my plan is really just to bottom-feed on anything that's just too cheap to pass up. I certainly don't need anything new to keep busy.

Pretty much this. There is no category of game I care about that my pile is lacking in, but undoubtedly something will present itself as irresistible in the course of the sale. I did enjoy the "spring cleaning" meta concept of the spring sale, hopeful that there will be a similarly novel meta for summer.

Just got an Oculus Rift and loving it. Lots of free games available but going to keep an eye out for strictly VR stuff this time around.

Just cuphead really, superhot if it comes down a bit in price, I’ve wanted it for a while.

Then, I might just get some expansions for games, like EUIV and Cities: Skyline. I need to get a new PC, as mine is getting on now.

It’s nice to have the Steam sale, but they’ve been a bit underwhelming for me since they dropped flash sales. There are enough platforms selling games now with their own sales that I tend not to get too much anymore. Hell, sometimes I feel as if I’m oblieged to get some games just because it’s the steam sale.

Not sure I really want anything from this sale, TBH. I feel like I have enough games at the moment!
That said, I'm sure I'll buy something.

Probably not going to get anything for myself, since my pile's into 4 figures, and my PC's 9 years old this week. Definitely will be gifting as usual, however.

Our two year old has been semi-obsessed by anything involving wheels or transportation since not longer after he could start interacting with things. He doesn't have a strict bedtime yet, so frequently joins me during some late evening gaming. I recently started playing WoW, which he was content to just watch until he started seeing various methods of travel, so now its a constant stream of "birdie/horse/train/water please" (he's always very polite with his demands ... and the only reason 'boat' isn't included is that he hasn't yet seen me ride one).

I've always been tempted by the various 'mundane' vehicle simulators, and anytime there has been a sale I've spent a lot of time staring at them while I talk myself out of the purchase. But, now I have an excuse! There was a sale a few days ago for Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul and Train Simulator so I picked them up, and he was a huge fan of the former (I haven't dipped into the latter yet). I tried teaching him some controls, but the only one he has mastered so far (or really cares about) is the train horn. I feel sorrow for anyone living along our routes.

Last night he came down and began with "train please!", but I thought I would change things up a bit and picked up Car Mechanic Simulator: 2015 and all of its DLC, since it was on sale. It was another big hit, and anytime I stepped away from working a car a stream of "car please!"'s began. So I'll be looking for some train DLC sales, along with other mundane vehicle sales that we can play together.

He'd probably enjoy watching Robocraft, when you think he's ready for that.

Robear wrote:

He'd probably enjoy watching Robocraft, when you think he's ready for that. :-)

Thanks for the recommendation, we'll have to check that out. Our older son was never a fan of violence; he found most disney movies too scary, and when I first introduced him to Robot Wars on TV, he balled for a good five or ten minutes (though, in that case, not out of fear, but because he was sad to see the robots destroyed). The two year old seems to have a firm grasp on his American heritage though

benign1 wrote:

I do need to revisit my purchases from winter and see what hasn't been touched yet.

That's what the memorial day weekend sale was all about.

Red Faction Guerrilla remastered is just around the corner in July. So if the original game goes on sale for 5$ as it has been for years, it's a steal.

Robocraft does allow you to run around in a test arena with just bots. It's also, well, it's hilarious. Really, really silly. No blood or gore, just vehicles of various ridiculousness levels running around blasting cubes off of each other. Good clean fun.

I'll probably buy some stuff on a whim.

One thing I'm waiting on though; once Total War: Warhammer and all its DLC combined gets down to about $30-$40, I will spring for it.

I'm going to be playing The Crew 2 all summer, so probably nothing for me, even though my wish list is a mile long. If the sale starts toward the end of the month into next month, I will *definitely* be doing some gifting!