Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) - 2018 West Edition

Another year, another west-coast PAX. This time around it'll be Aug 31st-Sept 3rd.
Who'll be attending this time?

Monday badges still available!

Anybody have any interest in drumming up some kind of Slap'n'Tickle that weekend? (Updating as available)

Seek out Momgamer flying the GWJ flag at the Hyatt hotel for impromptu meet'n'greet throughout the weekend.

I managed to net Friday/Monday tickets this time, wow did they jack up the price. Ether way, I'm excited to be able to attend again.
I'd like to see a Slap'n'Tickle materialize, but probably can't arrange it myself from here (Wyoming). If anyone is interested in heading that up, I'll happily update the title post with the information.

I just received the notification that my two badges are in the mail. Only 37 days to go!

I snagged a press badge and plan to be in the area. It's been a bit since ive seen the seattle crew

So what’s everyone plan for the con? Are we getting together for drinks and dinner as usual?

I'm going for the first time in 6 years, and I'm taking my two boys (13 and 16). We were only able to get Sunday and Monday, and we could not get rooms downtown, but we are hoping to try to do as much as possible before driving back to Portland on a school night.

My assigned section area is going to be in the Hyatt Hotel this year. I'll have the Goodjer Banner, and all y'all should come say Hi!

jdzappa wrote:

So what’s everyone plan for the con? Are we getting together for drinks and dinner as usual?

I hope so. I'll be touching down in Seattle today and I'm hoping to be able to scout out a place for Thursday or Saturday (or preferences?). However, if anyone else has any ideas, post them here and I'll update the title post.

Every Labor Day weekend, I tell myself that I'm going to meet up with the GWJ crew, and then every Labor Day Weekend, I end up being out of town.

Enjoy. Let me know if you're looking for recommendations on venues away from the convention center.

Schedule is somewhat full but could do dinner sunday I think!

My adventures in Seattle led me very little insight into places to go for a gathering so I went ahead and PM'd Trashie for recommendations, and ta-dah!:

Trashie wrote:

Glad to help! Check out these places. They are all within walking distance of the Convention Center (usually a 10-15 minute walk).

- The Athenian (in the Market, good food, amazing view, nice bar, usually not that busy but also limited seating). My favorite place in Seattle.
- The Owl & Thistle (divey Irish bar with food, amazing fish and chips, in Pioneer Square, no view, cheap, good for big groups)
- The Dillard Room (mostly just a bar but pretty unpretentious)
- Jarrbar (smallish bar, good food and cocktails, usually not that busy)
- The ZigZag (classic Seattle restaurant with amazing cocktails, the most pricey option on the list but good for a cocktail)

If you want to brave the light rail, hop on at the West Lake Station, head towards Angle Lake, and get off in the International District. There, check out Maneki's and Fuji Sushi for some amazing Japanese food.

If you want to explore Capitol Hill (the neighborhood east of the convention center), there aren't that many cheap items. My favorites include Smith, the Pine Box, and The Canterbury.

Thanks again Trashie!
I personally like the idea of trying The Athenian, or popping over to the international district. Does anyone have any ruthers? And is Sunday ok for everyone?

I also forgot The Alibi Room, a great pizza place in the Market.

Enjoy! Sorry I can't join you all.

Unfortunately I have family dinner on Sunday but have fun! I will be at the Acer party at the Showbox tonight if anyone wants to join me

It is unlikely I would be able to meet for Sunday dinner too, but plans can change!

If anyone gets around to Valve's new game, Artifact, booth, they are handing out beta keys for the game. The game seems really interesting.

Had fun yesterday.

Made semi's of the Bushido Blade 2 tournament
Got in plenty of Halo 1 multiplayer in the console room
Soul Calibur 6 looks cool

No Bethesda = no Doom
No EA (?)
No Doom