Fallout: 76 Catch-All

No real need if they don't have weight. Many misc items can't be dropped. I have tons of weightless keycards, notes, and keys I can't get rid of. I do toss what I can into my stash just to make it a bit easier to sort through when I need to find something.

Anybody still playing? The Fallout show got me wanting to play some Fallout so installed 76 and started last week.

Yeah, I'm running the Vault 79 quest now until it glitched out on me. Nothing quite like striding the land in power armor carrying a .50 cal machine gun.

I’ve been playing for quite a bit for the last week. I have an endgame character on Xbox but I started a brand new character on Steam and am already almost level 50. I haven’t played in a couple years and it’s almost a different game now.

I picked it back up, too. I had stopped around level 450 around the time Bethesda shut down their own launcher and just sent everyone to use Steam. I've gotten through the new story stuff so mostly now just doing dailies, launching nukes, and checking out the new events while working towards rolling legendary prefixes I want and getting all the new plans.

Season 17 and the Skyline Valley map expansion launches on June 12.