Fallout: 76 Catch-All

PaladinTom wrote:

Anyone know of a good discount for this game anywhere? I already have a IsThereAnyDeal alert set up.

$40 on PSN right now.

Physical PC versions were being dumped a few months ago and they were just a digital code to download.

The camera is out after being delayed last week. Finding it can take a little hopping around.


There's a corpse in a fairly obvious spot at a bunch of tourist locations like the Giant Teapot, the water park, etc. I think there's only two corpses per server (one male, one female) so only two of the potential locations will have them on each server.

I've been hunting down creatures for the new challenges that come with it while travelling for the new quest.

It was pretty rough getting the camera quest started for me. It took me about 2 1/2 hours (not consecutive) of fast travelling and server hopping to finally find the tourist. I ended up finding her in the car park of the water park. It was frustrating to have to jerk around all over the place for ages just to find the quest trigger.

It was more complicated than it needed to be, but I incorporated it into the path I normally make (Charleston Station > Camden Park > Big Al's Tattoo Parlor > Enclave Bunker > Camp Venture > Walking up Route 65 until I get to the Red Rocket Megastop) which made it less frustrating. Instead of fast travelling directly to where I wanted to go I went to the nearest possible spawn location, checked for them there, then just sprinted to where I really wanted to go. I found the guy tourist at the third spot I tried.

So that's a good story and all, but A) that's not John Denver on the radio, it's a cover by a modern group called Spank, and B) there's almost no way a starving level 7 character could have gotten the holotape they say he left them (it's from Valley Galleria, a high level area all the way across the map).
I personally try to leave the communist propaganda flyer in the bags I leave for people, and always carry a couple of the Halloween skeleton outfits & masks to leave for low level players.

Anyone try out player-run stores at their camps yet? Read about it, but haven't been on F76 for a while...might be interesting enough to get me back...

Yeah, it's pretty neat. It makes your camp visible on the map for everyone to fast travel to. Pricing is all over the place as people either price things based on how much they'd cost in-game or based on what the trading community has already determined the prices ought to be (which are pretty low due to the rampant duping that happened earlier). If you like sightseeing you can ignore the vending machines and just go see what other people's camps look like.
There's apparently a UI bug that's freaking people out. When you get the notification of someone buying an item, it'll list the amount as their entire stack instead of just the amount bought from you, but give the cap amount correctly. So if someone has 100 shotgun shells, then buys another hundred from you at one cap each, you should get a message that someone bought 100 shotgun shells and you received 90 caps. Instead you'll get a message that says someone bought 200 shotgun shells for 90 caps. Gamers being gamers, people are freaking out and claiming Bethesda lied about the 10% tax and stealing from them and blah blah blah. The few messages I've noticed had the correct number of items and the correct number of caps, but I'm only selling excess stuff and not trying to set myself up as a serious trader, so I haven't scrutinized every message.