Annual Request For Help

Good afternoon.

Computers are magic, and the moment I attempt to understand the differences in specific parts I become glazed over with confusion and frustration. My son would like to purchase a PC within the $800 price range. The focus is for gaming- for right now it is Fortnite (shocked, I'm sure) though we'd like for it to last for a while.

He's looking at maybe this or this but honestly we have little idea what we are doing. Feedback about these or about other options would help so, so, so, so much. We look at the benchmarks on individual parts, but have no idea how this fits into the whole computer.

He's open to the idea of him and I purchasing one together for around $1,400 but again are confused and confounded- and can't tell if any of the computers we are looking at are that much better than the two linked above.

Please help.


See if Guru has any computers coming down the pipeline for sale. You'll get more bang for your buck.

Just to note that I'm an enthusiast, and others are way more versed in parts knowledge than I am, but here's my thoughts:

PC 1: It looks OK. I just built a system similar to it for about $675, but I went with a Ryzen 5 1600 (six core as opposed to the 1400's 4 cores), 16GB RAM, and I already had a R9 270x 2GB DDR5 which I'm still using so I saved money there. With buying the same GPU they are offering that would put me just above $800.

PC 2: Alienware PC's always make me a little uneasy. You're certainly paying a little extra for a name. That's fine for some, but I just don't personally care for it. The system looks fairly solid though. The i5 8400 CPU is going to be significantly better for gaming than the Ryzen 5 1400 of the other system, but the GPU on the first one will outperform this one (not significantly though, and you probably wouldn't see a ton of difference in Fortnite).

Of those two, I'd go with the second system. The i5 8400 is a significant upgrade over the Ryzen 5 1400, and the difference in GPU's is far too small to offset it. Unfortunately the support plans on both are pretty expensive, but at least you get a year for hardware included in the second.

Looking at Newegg, I found this system for $749 that has the i5 8400 CPU of the second PC, and a GTX 1050 TI which is (performance wise) between the RX 560 and 580. It'll come out a little over $800 because I'm sure you'll want the 3-year warranty which is around $85.

I also found a refurbished ASUS desktop for $722 that gives you the i5 8400, doubles the RAM to 16GB, doubles the storage space to 2TB, but you're downgrading the GPU slightly to a GTX 960 (which compares somewhat closely with the RX 560). And you have no warranty or support beyond the 30 day standard warranty that most places provide.

Of these two, it depends on what kind of support package you want. The second system is better, but you have no support for it. The first system you can get a 3 or 4 year protection plan for $85 or $110 respectively. It just depends on how important it is to have that warranty.

garion333 wrote:

See if Guru has any computers coming down the pipeline for sale. You'll get more bang for your buck.

It's been some time since I've been steeped in the community- Gamer Guru or someother Guru? Just want to be sure before I send a direct message.

Thanks to both of you, really appreciate the feedback.