Great songs. Great covers.

Some of my faves:

I've never heard anyone but Peter Gabriel do Solsbury Hill before. That version's pretty good!

I don’t know that I would count this as a favorite per se, or even add it to a personal playlist for that matter, but I think it deserves some props for style.

- 10 Second Songs/Metallica - Enter Sandman (David Bowie Style Remix):

And a couple new personal favorites...

- D0VYDAS / Jimi Hendrix - Along the Watchtower:

- D0VYDAS / Jimi Hendrix - Purple Rain:

Help me; I got on YouTube and I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole!

- Heimatdamisch / Guns n Roses - Sweet Child o’ Mine:

I don't know if these fall within the parameters of proper Great Songs, Great Covers, but they are definitely covers and I find myself falling down a "WTF did I just watch/listen to?!" rabbit hole of heavy metal mariachi...

It's not new, but I figured I'd share. I like this one better than the original

Don't tell Tim I said so, but ... there's no getting around it, this is waaaay better

One of my favorite covers, that somehow manages to make a Morrissey song even more depressing...

This is pretty cute:

I've kind of fallen in love with Ska Tune Network.

There's ska covers of songs:

Ska covers of movie soundtracks:

And a lot of ska covers of videogame songs:

RawkGWJ wrote:

NoFX - Straight Edge

nice. I'll add:

so, I'm totally late to the Waxahatchee party, but better late than never:

I know there are, like, a million great covers of this song, and this one is just a short piece from a soundcheck, but that almost makes it more haunting; the girlfriend who took me to the Erasure show from earlier in the thread got to see them sometime in the 90s, and she described it as a giant fishbowl; to me this evokes the beauty and desperation of those barely remembered times:

and just saw this on the Dropkick Murphys' livestream, and aren't covers the best for getting shalalm baskur'ed? most of my posts in this thread say they are! ; D

double edit: forgot this last track was totally NSFW, so best to leave it out.

Oh yeah. Rancid and NOFX did that split LP years ago where they covered each other’s songs. I remember really liking NOFX’s version of The Girl with the Heart of Gold. I use to wonder if the song was a reference to Trillian from the Hitchhiker’s Guide stories. Still not sure.

Just stumbled across this one in my news feed this morning. Big fan of System of a Down to begin with, but this cover sounds like a perfect fit for the next season of The Witcher (which, of course, is AWESOME).

I don't know I went this long without ever knowing about this cover, but I'm in love with it now.


Yo cheese, those were awesome!! I was not prepared for the killer flat picking at the end of Olympia. And the cover of Sound System was just wonderful!

'welcome! You'll probably like this interview with her on her technique: LINK

edit: fixed link

The HU/Metallica - Sad, But True: