Yanny or Laurel?

Laurel, and I hate when the physical world does sh*t like this.

I only hear Laurel if I plug my ears a little so I can't hear the high frequency interference.

I hear a high-pitched Yanny and a low-pitched Laurel at the same time.


All I hear is yanny, unless I use this tool.

Laurel, and my wife hears Yanny...



Star Bellied Sneech


I hear “blue-black dress.”


It's a duck.

LarryC wrote:

It's a duck.

HA! You're wrong, it's a schooner!

Grenn wrote:

I hate when the physical world does sh*t like this.

Right there with you.

Tscott wrote:


Is that Hitler?

Apparently some people see international music sensation Yanni in that picture. I only see Stan Laurel from the comedy duo, Laurel and Hardy.

Tscott wrote:


Freddie Mercury.

I hear voices telling me to burn things. Also, Laurel.

NSFW (language)

I'm a Laural, my wife is a Yanny. I suspect it may have something to do with years in marching bands, rock bands, and other loud musical hobbies.

I'm a Yanny, wife is a Laurel. Weirdly I listened to the clip on my home PC and on my laptop and the accent seemed different each time.

Dyni wrote:

Great video but a word of warning. It does have some vulgarity in it (in case you are watching the vid at work without headphones on or have any kids around)

Yeah, sorry. I'll edit with a warning.


I also saw Freddie Mercury.

FWIW, the audio clip is from a dictionary definition of "laurel" (as in "the wreath put on the head of a winning athlete".

Yanny or Laurel

They played it on the radio this morning. To me it sounded like Gary or Jerry.

I heard Yanny until another person in the office said Laurel out loud. Then I only heard Laurel after that. It changed during listening. It was really weird!

Yanny, because there's no "l" sound whatsoever in it.

Even after playing it through my phone (i.e. tinny) AND my desktop speakers with the bass knob cranked to one-more-than-ten.

For what it's worth, I assumed us English folk say Laurel way different than Americans and that was why. I'd be interested to see how the split changes based on geography/accent.

Laurel every time.

Heard radio guys yesterday adjusting the pitch and then heard Yanny finally.