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Trevor Noah hosting the reveal event on 5/23

Please be WW2

Please be 2143.

That would be my next choice.

ranalin wrote:

Trevor Noah hosting the reveal event on 5/23

didn't know Trevor was a gamer. Cool!

Mr E.B. Slugworth wrote:

Please be 2143.

As long as vehicles aren't made out of sodium, I agree.

1. A New Battlefield…

It’s a brand-new experience and still everything you love about Battlefield – where every fight is different and brought to life across unexpected theatres of war. Discover the new challenges that will change war forever.

2. …in a New Setting

Battlefield 1 gave players the definitive World War 1 experience that brought the dawn of all-out war to life. But the next Battlefield happens on another frontline. The live reveal will give players the first look at DICE’s immersive portrayal of the new setting.

3. Info Straight from the Developers Behind Battlefield V

Come for Trevor Noah, stay for the developers. Hear from DICE team members Andreas Morell, Senior Producer, Lars Gustavsson, Senior Producer, and Daniel Berlin, Design Director, as they fill you in on their Battlefield V vision.

4. Unseen Multiplayer Moments

You can of course expect large-scale multiplayer in the next Battlefield – but Battlefield V takes it to the next level. Prepare for multiplayer that spans multiple maps and modes, meaning you’ll experience more varied and exciting Battlefield moments.

5. Unmatched Sights and Sounds

Battlefield has always been about high-fidelity immersion, and Battlefield V isn’t any different. Tune in, and you’ll be among the first to hear and see the stunning environments that you’ll soon be playing within.

6. New Modes and Experiences

A player-favorite from Battlefield 1, Operations have given you the chance to take epic journeys across several maps. Will this teamplay-focused experience be in the next Battlefield? You’ll know if you watch the live reveal!

7. Gameplay Changes

While we don’t want to scoop our own reveal, you can bet your favorite Battlefield 1 weapon that exciting gameplay changes are coming. Because of this, we suggest not even blinking during the Battlefield V Live Reveal.

8. Trevor Noah

The comedian and host of The Daily Show is not only a gamer, but a defender of video gaming. Funny, smart, and loves video games? We couldn’t think of a better person to host our live reveal then this South African legend.

9. The Return of War Stories

DICE believes in both all-out multiplayer and single player, and the live reveal will have more info on the returning fan-favorite War Stories. Prepare for untold, compelling narratives in a new setting.

10. Answers to All the Speculation

The recent Battlefield Easter Egg chase has turned much of the community into sleepless sleuths. Is your whiteboard covered in Morse code? Is your search history full of white horses? How close were you to the truth of Battlefield V? It’s time to find out.

Watch the Reveal live on stream, May 23 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 10 PM CEST via the following:

Battlefield Homepage




Sounds like it's ww2 again

WW2. Nice.

El Alamein! I'll be at the southern flag, defending.

I hope they bring back third-party hosting options along the lines of what's possible with BF4.

The original 1942 was the source of some of my all time favorite gaming experiences. I know you can never go back, but I'm looking forward to what they might come out with.

I don't even know why they bothered with the "gameplay" part of that trailer since it was just sort of spinning in circles taking snapshots at stuff we barely had time to see.

The rest was well done, even if it was of course a very "theme park"-style version of WW2. I'm a sucker for women with accents so that redhead with the prosthetic claw will be a plus if this is the cast for a single-player campaign.

Release is also Oct (they're really trying to f*ck with CoD )

* New movement mechanics
* Old version of Conquest coming back
* Expanded Operations called Grand Operations
* Multiplayer will be shown in 2 weeks at EA play
* Coop is returning
* War stories is also returning
* New fortification system (rebuild broken buildings and infrastructure and build new defensive locations)
* The Company is what they're calling your character choices. Completely configurable not only with weapons and vehicles, but also the way you look.
* No more Premium Pass
* Tides of War (part of their Live Service initiative ) Evolving chapters with multi month events.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Like the British accent.

The club at the end is a cricket bat wrapped with barbed wire.

Looking good, of course I'll be there day one on PS4.

It's going to be interesting to see how the Live Service bits will work. They're supposedly going to be doing the same thing for Anthem.

Ok so that was a weird trailer. I am not a big fan of this wacky thrown together band of irregulars, trucks flying everywhere, prosthetics, etc. It looked like Michael Bay directed this trailer. I am looking forward to real gameplay in 2 weeks.

This trailer actually kind of reminds me of when Gearbox was supposedly going to make the next Brothers in Arms game basically a ripoff of Inglorious Basterds (this was already years after Inglorious Basterds was in theaters). *Looks it up* Furious 4 is what they were going to call it. They were going to drop the BiA branding because of negative fan reception. And then they, um, cancelled it and... *squints* incorporated parts of it into Battleborn, somehow. (And the rest, as they say... is history.)

OK that actually came off more negative towards B5 than I intended. Maybe it's better to say it looks more like... a WW2 version of the Battlefield: Bad Company games?

No new gameplay but jackfrags commentary on new changes. The changes sound amazing!

There's a bunch of stuff not in the reveal. Awesome stuff!

Yeah, the trailer had me bummed a bit due to the weird customization but the overall game looks great. The explosions and crashes have weight and sound. I have been wanting customization in a BF game for ages and it sounds like we will get a lot of it. Love the ability to build and repair things, class changes, ammo, aiming etc. I can't wait for it already!

whispa wrote:

No new gameplay but jackfrags commentary on new changes. The changes sound amazing!

Great video. Like!

Someone edited the reveal trailer and man what a difference:

I like that they added the fortification system. The game needs more mechanics that players can interact with. It would add something more to do other then shoot guns.

On rails trailers never really do much for me. Plenty of the details have got my very interested though. Particularly being able to tow things like ammo crates and anti-air guns with vehicles.

It sounds like they've really tried to shake things up, so hopefully it pays off.

Yeah, the way they changed up revival and ammo remains to be seen but i like it on paper!

Ollie wrote:

I like that they added the fortification system. The game needs more mechanics that players can interact with. It would add something more to do other then shoot guns.

What's funny is seeing all the people trying to infer they're copying Fortnite with the fortifications, but they were doing this back in BF2 with bridges. This is essentially the same thing dialed up to 11.

Where Jackfrags got a bunch of his extra info...