Your Top 10 Video Games, all time!

This was tough. What I have at the moment, subject to change of course! In alphabetical order:

1. *Destiny
3. Dragon Age: Origins
4: Dune 2
5. GTA Vice City
6. Mass Effect 2
7. *Nioh
8. Unreal Tournament
9. Wing Commander
10. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

*tagged titles just made it in by the skin of the teeth. They're the newest games on the list and I devoted a lot of time into them but do they truly stand the test of time in my heart? Still deciding...

When I see your forum name, I immediately think of Nioh. So yeah.

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Yay another Titanfall 2 fan!


Tough to pick 10!

World of Warcraft
Dark age of Camelot
Half Life
Company of Heroes
Total War Warhammer 2
Battlefield 2
Baldurs Gate

Notable ones
Total Annihilation
Dune 2
Assassins Creed

Man, I forgot Crashlands, the GOAT mobile game. One of a few games I've actually finished twice.

And Factorio! Geez. I don't like this thread anymore.

I am really shocked by the lack of Half-Life 2 and the episodes in these lists. I know "top ten-ing" means making difficult choices, I am just wondering why HL2 seems to be omitted by so many?

I would not only put it high on my list because it was so amazing but also because it marked the beginning of Steam which literally changed EVERYTHING about PC gaming.

I had HL2 on mine but scrubbed it out. I thought HL1 was also a lock but in the end while they are landmark games they didn’t have the same personal resonance as some of the others.

Alright, I'll bite. In no particular order:

  • Super Mario World. There are many excellent Mario titles, but this one holds a very special place in my heart.
  • Zelda: A Link to the Past. Similarly as to above, if I had to limit myself to one Zelda game for the rest of my life, it would be this one.
  • Final Fantasy 2 (IV). This was the first JRPG with a meaningful story that I ever played, and I just ate it up. I could easily put FF3/6 in this spot as well, with it's even more mature story, more interesting characters, and superior combat, but when I think of "classic Final Fantasy", this is the one that immediately springs to mind.
  • Skyrim. My first exposure to The Elder Scrolls (and open-world games in general) was watching a neighbor lose his college career to Morrowind. I never played Morrowind, bounced off Oblivion, and while I enjoyed Fallout 3, it didn't really have much staying power for me. Skyrim is my representative pick for open-world RPGs, not only for its shipped content, but for the gratuitous number of amazing mods available.
  • To the Moon. I don't remember whether there were any games prior to To the Moon that made me feel anywhere near as much emotion as this did. It kinda blindsided me, too - that festival scene on the cliff, holy sh*t, when the entire story clicked into place. I'm tearing up a bit even now as I write this.
  • Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. I love a good Roguelike/Roguelite, and despite DCSS's extremely punishing difficulty, I keep coming back to this one. It's still in active development, occasionally with huge sweeping changes that shake up the flow of the game, punctuated by a semiannual tournament - and for that, I'll give this a nod on my list.
  • Myst. I played through this with my dad on his Mac way back in the day. I think he may even have needed to buy the external SCSI CD-ROM drive (caddy-style - remember those?) for us to play this together. What a gorgeous game this was. It's even more gorgeous now, in remade form (part of Game Pass btw). We had such a blast puzzling our way through this game, taking copious notes, watching quirky Quicktime videos of Sirrus and Achenar, and delighting in finally getting to click a new Linking Book and hear that sound it makes when you travel - you know the one.
  • World of Warcraft. I started in the public beta at the recommendation of a close friend, and very quickly bought in. This was my first MMORPG, and while I've played others (and find myself increasingly disappointed in WoW's lack of meaningful change), I'll still offer this as an exemplar - particularly for the friendships forged (and lost) along the way. I've surely cracked the thousand-hour mark with WoW; probably the one game here I've invested the most time into, aside from...
  • Minecraft. Need I say more?
  • Dark Souls. I love Demon's Souls and all three Dark Souls', each for different reasons - and honestly I probably could put them all on my list and be satisfied - so Dark Souls will need to carry the weight of the rest of the series as my representative pick. Praise the Sun!


Games that didn't quite make the cut (unordered):
Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX, X-2, XIII-2
Arkham Asylum
NieR: Automata
Civ 6, even though I suck at it
999 - The Nonary Games
The Settlers 2


2021.09.16: Removed FF7 in favor of Skyrim. Nothing against FF7, but I already have another FF game on my list and I wanted to recognize open-world games in my life.

I've really got to go back and play To The Moon. I started it one weekend years ago but didn't finish. Need to give it a replay

Stele wrote:

I've really got to go back and play To The Moon. I started it one weekend years ago but didn't finish. Need to give it a replay

It's not a very long game (~4 hours?) but the story is so disjointed (for Reasons) for the first 50-75% that I can definitely understand how someone could get turned off by that. Like I said, I had so many unanswered questions running through my head leading up until that one point, and then it was a rollercoaster ride to the end, discovering the rest.