Oxygen Not Included Catch-All

Since the latest update morale is a real concern. When I loaded up my save there was a warning message saying they'd give a temporary morale boost for 5 cycles for me to get used to the changes, which I cheerily clicked through and then ignored

Yeah, shouldn't have ignored... clearly my dupes are not happy with random fruit bowl paintings scattered here and there. The massage tables don't really seem to make much of a dent in the problem, so I looked at constructing a new building - the Jukebot. But it consumes a whopping 960W of power, which I can't supply at this point. Guess I'll be mopping up pools of vomit for a while longer.

Weird parallels this morning, as I was mopping up my dogs vomit in real life, then mopping up vomit in a game too. Not the most auspicious start to the day.

Edit: from checking the forums it looks like this is a bug, and new saves won't have the morale issue (the bug causes stress to increase at 60-80% per cycle!)

This game is extremely fun.

I finally played Rimworld and think it's OK - but so far not thagt into it. Is Oxygen similar enough where if someone's not that excited about Rimworld then they're likely in the same place with Oxygen? What do you think it does better or worse than Rimworld? Thanks!

I think Oxygen feels quite different to me. Maybe it is the lighthearted approach or just the fact there isn't an AI trying to make your life miserable. (You will make your own life miserable enough as it is.) Guess we would need to know what about Rimworld is a turn-off to you.

I guess it's that while there is a lot of detail in Rimworld, the actions themselves didn't feel all that interesting. It didn't seem like I needed to plan out the base all that much or worry about logistical concerns. That said I was playing as Phoebie on medium (first game). If I go back I'm switching it to Cassandra.

I have no doubt that Rimworld would be difficult on another setting, but I'm not sure the challenge comes from a place that interests me a lot. It seems like it is mostly defending vs raids.

ONI feels much more impactful in terms of your actions, more about your control over systems than the personalities of the minions.

I'm at the 2.3 hour mark - 8 cycles I think. I'm not sure what I think about it exactly. I do prefer that the friction is coming from the environment as opposed to random raid events in Rimworld. So far not really much in the way of tutorial messages - camera control, water, food, hygiene I think. The game didn't even mention that maybe I should build a research station and research stuff - which I just eventually did.

So far I did some excavation to connect some 'rooms', built an outhouse and washbasin, a manual generator, oxygen producer, food maker, algae bins, planter, farm tiles and some beds.

The most confusing thing is the oxygen production. I frequently get messages saying not enough oxygen is being produced. If I look at the overlay almost all the areas seem OK. My generator frequently says max pressure. I see that I have some pumps and vents, and I assume that there is a way to pump out carbon dioxide, but I'm not sure. I don't know where I'd pump it to - maybe a room with algae bins so they would consume it to produce oxygen. There hasn't been any tutorial messages on this. The fun from a game like this is discovery and logistics, so I don't necessarily want to be told what exactly to do, it just seems like there should have been some explanation in the game.

I'm starting to struggle with food. I had to have my dups eat some mud burgers. I think I should have made a faster effort to dig to areas with some plants. I did harvest some ingredients and made some food out of them. I'm trying to gather plants into one area and made some farming tiles - but I need more plants to get a better food supply.

So I have enjoyed my time with it so far, I'm just not sure if it will progress to a fun challenge or take a turn towards tedious or frustrating. I just can't tell. Maybe I should have played Factorio since I've only dabbled in it, but I was waiting for that to get an official release.

I remember reading a dev blog some time back saying that ONI is close to 1.0 and the Klei wanted to devote some time to focus on the tutorial in the next update or two.

I'll be curious to see how in depth it is.

A tutorial would probably help. I like to understand the mechanics and like to figure out how to best play according to those mechanics instead of just trying things.

Honestly, with these types of games I find YouTube to be the best tutorial overall.

Here's a small piece of non-spoiler advice: make sure your rooms are actually rooms (closed off with a door). There's a button on the top right that will show you your completed rooms and if you hover over a non-completed room, it will display what is missing to make it complete.

Aaron D. wrote:

Honestly, with these types of games I find YouTube to be the best tutorial overall.

That's no doubt true. I just hate watching videos of people playing games
I'll do it occasionally for a short period of time to just get an idea of what a game is sometimes. I've also watched some of Sean's EU IV videos because they are short.

I look for 20 minute or half hour intro videos, that’s mostly all I’ll watch if I can’t get the hang of the game by myself. Which is kind of rare because I love figuring stuff out... But yeah, the 3 hour “let’s talk about why this menu is 1/3 of the way down the left side and has 12 different elements” vids I just can’t tolerate for long...

The third quality of life patch is out, and it looks like it leaves early access May 28th.

They appear to have made the disease mechanics a lot simpler.

Quote, edit, blah.

Full release was yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play much in the final state yet, but just FYI for those who may have been waiting for it.

Thanks to Elysium, looks like my weekend is going to be full of duplicant goodness.

Wow, this game was nowhere on my radar and then completely ate my weekend!

Has anyone come up with any clever power designs after coal runs out? I had a bad colony collapse of power-failure --> food crisis --> 5 duplicants starve to death after i ran out of coal and didn't have a ready replacement.

I use the oxygen producers that generate hydrogen as a byproduct, have a filter and pump suck out all the hydrogen and pump it into a room sealed with an airlock where I have a hydrogen generator running. That along with a couple of the treadmills has gotten me by so far.

Kehama wrote:

I use the oxygen producers that generate hydrogen as a byproduct, have a filter and pump suck out all the hydrogen and pump it into a room sealed with an airlock where I have a hydrogen generator running. That along with a couple of the treadmills has gotten me by so far.

Oh that's a great idea. I've already decided to restart. It'll be my 4th colony, but each time i feel like I've learned a lot and have better ideas for how to organize everything. I think my next early thing will be a lavatory spa section with an attached waste treatment plant.

also set up a rock crusher much earlier than i did previously and build in some automation early.

I really wish this game had a story or scenario mode. I love the mechanics but without any direction, I lose interest after a day or so.

Oh, as an addition to my earlier comment, the hydrogen is lighter than oxygen so I just built my rooms in stacks with at least one or two gas permeable floor grates on each level and just built the pump at the top of the stacks since all of the hydrogen would naturally move the highest level. No need to pump from each individual level or room.

I've been playing my first real survival game, up to cycle 27. I'm definitely feeling like I'm progressing more slowly than intended, but I've had a bunch of fun getting to the point I am now.I am starting to feel a bit lost because I don't have any obvious thing to try for. I guess I'm supposed to escape this place, so going up is probably a good idea.

The first things I did was to get a water supply (pitcher pump), an outhouse and wash basin. After a rough night of sleep, I figured I should get them some cots. They lived off of their rations until they started making their mushbars.

Then I started researching so I needed some power. Manual generator and a couple small batteries sufficed.I'm having a hard time getting them off the mush. I have 6 seeds of the rice things growing that I can use, but they are more of a treat than a staple. Got a compost pile going for my polluted dirt.

The oxygen ore stuff lasted a while, but eventually I added some oxygen diffusers. Kept hitting max pressure. After mucking around a while I got my carbon scrubbers working. For the longest time I didn't realize I needed a pump for the water intake and the special pipe end to be able to drain the polluted water.

Then I cleared a nice place for them to eat and gave them tables, decorated their bedroom with crown molding. Added a super computer.

I needed some more power so the coal generator was added and upgraded to jumbo batteries. With the extra power I added some lighting, electric grill (although I still don't have a lot of options for better food). Outhouses changed over to lavatories and washbasins to sinks. Oh, and added some refrigeration for food.

But, without some focus I'm losing steam - not sure how much longer it will hold my attention, but like I said a lot of fun up to this point.

well i can offer a couple goals to work toward the midgame: 1 set up a rock smasher to get yourself some refined metal 2. figure out how to get your generators automated so they only run when the battery needs to be recharhed (to extend your limited coal reserves longer) 3. figure out how to enclose your base so your dupes spend their time outside of it in suits (and figure out how to power and provide reliable pure oxygen for those suits) 4. explore other biomes to find a source of power that isn't coal.